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Chaparral 25 Pistol

Latest completed Chaparral 25 caliber PCP Pistol / Carbine.

Power adjustable from 8 - 38+ fpe


The "Book Matched" grips and forestock.

Grips have exactly the same pattern - left and right.

Bastone Walnut.


Alot of bright work - all billet machined parts.

Note breech knob: Green recessed dot - bolt is locked, Red recessed dot - bolt is unlocked.


Under ...


Note Carbine Buttstock Interface clamp - center/right of photo at 3 o'clock. Also note - power adjust feature - center/left At 11 o'clock.

I just did a quick test ... fiddling with the power adjust as I went, I got 77 shots down in the 7-10+ fpe range. It will also wind up to over 38 foot pounds with a simple adjustment.

Clean lines ...


Note Machined Barnes Logo - Fluted Breech Knob - attention to Details ...


Floated / Integral Shrouded Barnes barrel



Cocking stud is cushioned and non-slip rubber ringed on solid bronze.



Billet frame, Bastone Walnut grips


Mounted with one of my favorite 4X shotgun scopes


Quick Fill -


On the shop test bench ...


That'll do for a start!

3 shots @ 12 yards. #3 Buckshot ball.

(Just a note - while testing, I found the ball a joy to just toss in the breech tray. The pellets - as always - required "positioning".)


How about some upper velocity and power numbers?

That's the #3 buckshot ball - 23.7 grains @ 809 fps for 34.45 fpe


The 20 grain Diana 25 pellet - 20 grains @ 851 fps for 32.16 fpe


And the 35 grain Korean pellet - 35 grains @ 704 fps for 38.52 fpe.

From the standard long barrel (11 13/16") pistol format with integral blued steel shroud. Yes - sounds more like spunky PCP rifle numbers. ;?)

I haven't figured shot string lengths for every weight pellet yet. No matter - nothing's easier than filling a PCP and there's no magic anyway: You burn the air which your demanded performance requires. If you want more shots, just turn it down.

There's performance to spare here ... ;?)


Chaparral Pistol: as shown ..... $5,200 us

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