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Doc Reports In (10-28-02)

(Sunday Afternoon Prairie Classic)

I received an excellent e-mail report this am. As background, during my maintenance project yesterday afternoon, I got a call from Doc (Mike Marino). He was going to the range. Alas ... I could not get away. And look what I missed ...!

Let me copy some of Doc's e-mail. I'll let him tell you about it ...


I hope the painting is finished on your end. *** Part of my project for the day ***

(Gary I tried to email you the pictures in the note but aol could not do it. I am sending the picture of the four shot group and will give you a copy of the file when we get together again. It is a nice story with a great ending.)

I went to the range this afternoon and I thought of updating you on my progress of pushing the distance. Although this is only a start I am very pleased with the gun. As you see I have a number of settings to experiment with. The scope has found a home on the rifle too. This rework of Premier Reticle has made this scope a great match for the rifle (I used the dots for windage correction on the four shot target).

Well to start there was a strong wind blowing from my left to right (at a ninety degree angle from the line of fire). It was not constant but when it blew I could feel it. The first few groups at 50 yards were OK so I decided to move out to 100 yds. I spent a while at the Thurmont Conservation and Sportsman Club and theses are the highlights.

***** Here .... Doc tells me all the usual stuff ... "world class airgunsmith" ... "how he didn't pay enough for the rifle" ... "looks like I'm loosing weight" .... "what do I want for Christmas?..." etc, etc. ...**** We now resume Mike's e-mail in progress ...

Now for the final group I shot four shots and tried to compensate for the wind. The bull on the 4 shot group has a three-inch diameter. This was .287" ctc at 100 yds!!!!

Barnes Prairie Classic with a modified target dot reticle Leupold 24X scope.
Caliber .32
Bullet Barnes Bishop 97gr.
Gun filled to 2500 psi. every five shots.
Power setting on the third setting (of six) from the stock.


***** OK ... I'm speechless .... ALMOST!!!! ...*****


Cow ... that's it .... "Where's the Cow Mike?" ... You traded it for those five magic bullets didn't you? ;?)

Nice Shooting Doc! Sorry I missed that one. (But I got the painting done ...)

Doc took home a few trophies from Standing Stone 2002 last summer. I certainly appreciate that he takes his Prairie 32 Classic out and shoots it. Clearly he's mastered the rifle. What a great target! Beats my best. I once shot a three shot 100 yd. .330" ctc with my Prairie 32. If you spend alittle time with them, they'll reward the effort.

Thanks for the report Doc. Well done!

(Note: Doc's file was in a format I could not convert for the web. After almost frying my computer and crashing the internet, I finally just took a digital pic of my computer screen and ran it through that way. if it looks odd, that's why)



At the Range ..... With Mike "Doc" Marino

I got an e-mail this week. Claimed that that old Doc was going to be on the ground this weekend! I didn't believe it. Thought it must be a prank. Doc logs more air time than most commercial airline pilots!

He told me he was going to try to sneak away to the range for a couple of hours. And, he did too . . . by Golly!

What's that you're shootin' there Doc? Why ..... is that a 32 Barnes Prairie Class? Good Heavens! I haven't seen one of those ..... since I delivered that one.

That's a nice looking pc. of glass you've mounted there. A Classic Leupold 24X dot reticle. Very nice. But .... will it shoot?

We had a discussion regarding benching the rifle, a few things I like to keep in mind, technique, etc. Mike let me behind the wheel for this 50 yard demonstration group. I liked the scope alot. We walked down range to take a look. That's Doc's hand (and quarter).



He's a pretty quick study too!

This was the group he shot following mine above. Too close ..... I almost had to buy the coffee! I'm not betting no more with no globe hopping scientist ....

We had a great range session. It rained the entire time. We both ended up with wet feet. We also both ended up in a corner booth at the local McDonalds. Coffee was hot - conversation was enjoyable.

Thanks Doc

Range Session 9-02-01

Had another chance to get to the range with Mike Marino Sunday afternoon.

He's been enjoying his 32 Prairie Class. (And getting pretty good too). I'm afraid it won't be long until I'm buying the coffee! (...soon as he catches on that I've been the one measuring the targets ... He he he...)

Here's some of his targets from today ...

That's a 5 shot group of 32 Bishops @ 40 yards from Doc's Prairie Class.


This one is a five shot group @ 50 yards! Nice shooting Doc.

Doc's turned up the Prairie Classic to "hot". And he's balancing it out @ 100 yards. Here's a group from Sunday.

More Prairie Class Photos