Hoss 45, Heritage 32

Alternative to Rifles

When I start my magazine (haha), This will be the first cover ...

From Standing Stone 4. We verified the Hoss pistol at 202 fpe for the guys there. With round ball, I think it was running about 160 fpe. On the wood's walk course, we found you could just hold dead on anywhere from 10-60 yards or so.

Guido (shown here) shot 19 out of 20 on the course. Says he just got rattled on the last shot with the thought of cleaning the course.

These were masked targets. Branches and saplings in the way. All sorts of shrubs and tangles to shoot through. The Hoss really did the job.

I found the Heritage 32 to also be like that. Just a point and shoot with natural accuracy.

I have all sorts of folks wanting smaller and smaller guns - lighter - easier to store and carry. Well, these powerful pistols are something that may work for you. Think about it.

The Hoss was getting three shots per full. The Heritage gets more. I think 5 and it has a smaller air tube and format.