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Memorial Day Cup Shoot

This well armed group had a great time in Corbin, Kentucky over the Memorial Day weekend.

We all shot a wide variety of Barnes custom airguns (ten shown in just this pic) at steel reactive targets.

When the dust settled, Kent had achieved the highest score. In the spirit of the shoot, Kent had shot every one of the guns he could get his hands on. All while shooting for score. A Pistol here, carbine there ... try them out. Pick one up and shoot it, try another. He's a great shot.

(Nice shirt too ... ;?)

Kenneth won Second. Nice shooting Tex.

And John took third.

There were, as usual, only a few shots separating the places.

Bill tried out the FT rifle in .177

Cecil had one of his two Ranger 32 Deltas for this round ...

There was a Chief Justice with a 32 caliber insert there.

Deb is shooting Jay's Victory 32 SS here.

The Hoover family ... Joe, Vicky, and Wiley joined us.


Jay gave us a demonstration on casting bullets. Everyone enjoyed that and learned that it's not the nightmare all fear.


We caught "J" during one of his rare stories... ;?)


Wyle did a great job with several different airguns.


Kelli did everything she could to avoid the camera ... but I got her! ;?)


Kenneth brought his Nebula 25 and Appaloosa 32


Mike is picking out a particularly nasty pc. of fruit on the "fruit bowl" range. That's a black on black Victory 32.


Shelia was keeping the scoring straight. We tried to bribe her but she was a rock! ;?)

Vicky did just fine. Here she's letting Joe feel useful. ;?)



We even blew up a few water jugs. Always satisfying.

Jay has a conversion kit for his Justice 87. A short stroke hammer, a spring insert cartridge, and a much lighter weight 87 caliber slug ... allowed us to turn it waaaaaaay down to the 200 fpe threshold set for this shoot.

Future shoots at Bobs will use a different criteria. The 200 fpe threshold doesn't address the noise factor sufficiently. We've found that the Ranger Deltas, the Hoss, the Nautilus, Justice 32 insert, and others, still make a strong "crack" when fired. We'll only be able to use extreme moderated models on the ranges.

Monday morning, prior to driving back, the few of us who remained slipped around to a shooting club nearby. We did some testing with the Justice 87. Let it run hotter. Click over for those pics. (not ready yet)

I'm preparing the Chief Justice pics. (not ready yet) I know you want to see them too.

One of those who attended sent this along ... I copy here as it captures the nature of the shoot well:


Hey Gary

Hope you made it home OK - my trip back was uneventful.

Thanks again for all your efforts, I really had a blast! It was
definitely fun to play with all the different guns/sights etc. I
thought it might help me decide for sure what I want, but now I think
I'm even more unsure!!

Actually, I think I want an Appaloosa, a Victory, a Nebula, a
Chapparal and an FT gun. If I had someplace to shoot them, I think I'd
want a Justice and a Nautilus too!!! Of course, that might lead to
problems on the home front, so I guess I have to narrow it down after
all- sure was clever of you to tempt me that way!!

In all seriousness, now that I've actually handled your work I'm even
more impressed than I was before. It was real nice of your other
customer/friends to let me shoot their rifles and pistols - I think I
was able to say Thanks to each before I left, but if I missed anyone
please thank them for me when you talk to them. A real big thanks to
Bob for being a great host as well!

Back to the salt mines!

End copy.

Another great weekend. Thanks sincerely to all who attended and enjoyed it with us.


Wiley ... picking off the 50 yard pumpkins with the Nautilus. Looks like that Pull length is just about right there partner.