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Standing Stone 4

Could you stand spending a weekend here this September ... talking with buddies about airguns .... shooting airguns ... poking marshmallow sticks into the fire pit ... enjoying a late night shooting session under the range lights .... maybe pitch a few horseshoes ...

ME TOO!!!!!

Welcome to Standing Stone 4 - it's just at the end of the road there ...

Hosted by the Cumberland Valley Sports League and Gary and Kelly Barnes

Our location for 2004 is Corbin, Kentucky. A beautiful area which is far more central to a greater number of you than our previous location.

Sept. 24, 25, 26, 2004. Dates now confirmed.

Air - Courtesy of "Airhog" of Texas. You won't have to drag your tanks, you can use ours.

You've asked in the past, "Where's the Stone?"

Well, by Golly ... here 'tis!!!


Our official Mascot is "Vail". She'll be onhand to answer any questions you may have all weekend. She "nose" where all the good stuff is.





Part of the Wood's Walk...


Inhale ..... snufhhhff...... aahhhhh.... ;?)


The club has been busy accumulating Field Targets.

Link to Game ... "Cut the Cards"


Lots of room to set up the games.


Targets to bring a smile ...

Link to "Rats"

Link to more target pics


The clubhouse is right beside the range.


We've got plenty of space to lay out your kit.


We hope you join us for a great weekend.

I'll be posting maps, lodging, camping, info. as info. comes in and time allows.

Is this where the slug from a 58 Yukon went thru? Or, could it be that old Dan'l Boone missed a Beaver or two? ;?) We'll see ....

Oh Boy ... it's more fun than folks our age should have ... ;?)

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We're coming to Standing Stone 4

There will be ?# of us.

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Baymont Inn: Standing Stone rate (called "Blue Sky Rate") - $49

800-301-0200 or 606-523-9040

This is our headquarters lodging.


Quality Inn: 800-228-5151 or 606-528-4802

Special deal : $45.00 .... 1 or 2 occupancy and that includes breakfast ( eggs, toast / biscuits, sausage or bacon, coffee).

Knights Inn: SS rate of $39.95

800-843-5644 or 606-523-1500


Hampton Inn: 800-426-7866 or 606-523-5696


Comfort Suites: 606-526-6646


Fairfield Inn: 800-228-2800 or 606-528-7020


Super 8: 800-800-8000 or 606-528-8888


For camping ...

KOA Campground