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What I Did With My Sunday Afternoon ... (by gaRy barneZ)

Got a call from Doc Sunday afternoon. I'd been putting out fires all morning. An invitation to meet at the range had Kelly "immediately" agreeing that I should go ... hummm. I insisted that she might miss me ... But she assured me she'd manage ;?)

Old Doc Marino got there first. He's STILL shooting that Prairie Classic I built for him! ;?) Can you believe it?

He's just had the reticle altered in his Leupold Scope ... time to sight it in again ...

Well! That didn't take long. Doc "walked it in" with about 5 test shots and then squeezed off this group @ 50 yards. Not bad (except for that nasty flier ... ;?) Keep practicing Doc ... he he ...

Mike runs his 32 Prairie Classic off it's internal reservoir. I think he's told me he can get ten shots - but likes to fill and shoot a five shot group. He's got it set around 160 fpe and it's a very mild shooter. He's been talking about reaching out to more distance so I think he's going to be winding it up a bit soon. It will go to about 250 fpe when set hot.


I was out to do some endurance testing for a new valve modification on a 45 Bison. I've loaded up a little 433 grain pellet. Cocked it. Here I'm setting the trigger.

Pullin' down on a mangy 2 by 10 treated plank off the wood pile.

Even with the Aperture sights, it wasn't hard to see a hit @ 40 yards. The air filled with wood splinters as the 2 by 10 was turned into confetti.

I sat down, laid the forestock on my left hand, that hand on a bag, and the butt against my shoulder. Then squeezed off these three @ 40 before packing up.

Wasn't there for accuracy testing so I never set the sights. I figured I might want to get back into the rifle alittle anyway. Well ... nope, won't need to. I shot a bunch of lead down the tube Sunday and it performed excellent. It's ready to go.

If anybody tells you PCP's have no recoil ... don't believe them! Tough on and old guy ... ;?)

So ... what did you do with your afternoon?