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Sunday Afternoon

Old Doc Marino stopped over this afternoon. Yes - and brought a mower part for me to weld! All you waiting on the ledger ... you remind him next time you see him ... ha ha ;?) Yes - everything's covered in ice and snow ... and the Doc's got me fixing lawn mower parts ...

We had some coffee - chatted alittle. Before he left, we shot the Chaparral 25 Pistol Carbine a few times.

I have a trap set up at 12 yards in the shop. Here we were shooting the round buck shot from the ball magazine. Then, I switched it over to shoot pellets loaded one at a time.

I just bought some Diana Magnum pellets. Wanted to try them in my 25 barrel. The barrel likes them just fine. Doc's on the right here - I'm on the left. You see that his hold and eye favored a vertical line alittle left of mine. We had the pistol set to shoot them at 651 fps here.


I turned it up some and it was putting the Diana pellet out there at 825 fps.

Groups still looked good.

These are offhand standing shots @ 12 yards with the Diana pellet thru the Barnes 25 caliber barrel atop the Chaparral

Another similar rodent dispatched - standing from 12 yards.

Did I say standing? Heck - this one was galloping! And the Sun was in my eyes too ... ;?)


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