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Inserted Mississippi Hunt - 12-06

Kent and his Bobcat with Gary

Kent got this cat with his 87 Chief Justice at about 38 yards.

Hey - note my old stock shining there in the evening light. That's a pc. of that old Mahogany firewood I insist upon inflicting on everyone! ;?)


Kent and Kitty. Magnificant animal.


Gary and Doe. My first whitetail actually. (I know ... you got yours when you were ten ... haha).

Shucks ... I was working supporting a wife and three kids when I was ten ....

More later ...


Inserted 04 Boar hunt pics here at the top of the page - the previous hunts are linked below:

Fine male Russian Boar. Approx. 200 pound weight. Gary L. Barnes holding the Yukon 58 GS which took the beast. A kneeling shot from approx. 50 yards at the trotting Boar.


These are the "Chaumpers" you stay away from on the business end of the beasts.

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Previous hunts below ...

Having done our field research and range time, and having been approved for a legal hunt with specially designed large caliber airguns, Jim Leister and myself enjoyed an excellent hunt in the late Fall of 2002.

Approx. 200 lb. Wild Russian Boar (male)

Rifle: Barnes Tundra Class 45 Pneumatic shooting 337 grain Hellfire Slug.


180 degree curl on Barbarossa Ram

Rifle: Barnes Bison Class 45 muzzleloader with Barnes peep sights. Slug: 290 grain Barnes mini-Tomahawk


If you'd take a plank and bring it down as hard as you could to slap the surface of a pond, you'd get an idea of the slug strike sound. We later found the 70 yard slug had entered the Boar just behind the shoulder, passed through the vitals, into the rear flank, through the opposite side's ham and out. Upon skinning out the Boar, the guide was shocked to find a large wound channel which grew into a huge mass of blood shocked jelled area. This was literally 4" in diameter and a foot long or more. It extended clear through the width of one rear ham (ruining fully half of the ham) and exited. He said he simply could not believe what he was looking at, having been a professional guide and skinned innumerable game animals, he said it looked like a heck of a high powered rifle hit, and that the whole area was completely blood shocked, and ruined.

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Added 1-09-04

Got this pic from a customer who purchased a Barnes 56 Bison muzzle loader on the secondary market. This is most recent of 3 deer he's taken with it since.

I'd made a few different slugs for the rifle. He chose to use the smallest - a 300 grain, which he says simply "Paper Punches" the deer - straight thru. He says all three have dropped dead within 50 yards of where they were struck.

Customer is an excellent hunter who has taken alot of game with bow. He tells me he enjoys the hunt and the well placed shot, rather than the long range sniper type of high powered firearm kill. And, this hunter stocks the freezer with the game he takes.

He's got plans for the 650 grain default slug provided. Hummm ....


Got this fine photo in the mail yesterday. A Barnes 56 Bison which has been in the field for some years now doing duty. Deer? ... what deer? OH!!! Good Heavens ... there IS a deer in the pic too! ;?)

Truck? OH ... it was camouflaged ...


Thanks Mark ... great job.

Buffalo I took with a 58 Yukon 2 in Feb. 05.

My kit for the hunt.

The rewards of Boar and Buffalo Hunting.

Shared with attendees of the Kentucky Erwin Cup shoot for our Saturday evening picnic and campfire during Oct. 05.


Link to Russian Boar Hunt of 03.... More hunt pics ...