Saturday Night Ball

Having had enough of work by 9pm Saturday evening ... I took the various cans containing the parts of a ball flask gun down, and assembled the pc. Next thing I knew ... it was 11:15 pm and my cell phone was ringing ... my wife Kelly in the house ... wondering what I was into. I was "having a ball". ;?)

Functional with no cosmetics completed. The tri-valve ball flask has quick fill and overfill regulator protection.

The gun is a light design with traditional lines. Built to be the companion pc. of the Nautilus Tri-Valve Butt Reservoir test gun.

The ball has sat for years holding it's charge. I occasionally assemble the rifle, and fiddle with it some, to see how the components are working. Tonight, I had a slug developed this last year that I thought I'd run thru it.

They wanted to group just fine. These were three @ 12 yards. Oh ... the gun is 32 caliber.

You can only get results like this if you cheat or use the finest optics ya know .... ;?)

This is the rear peep sight. Yes - I know ... that's not fair ... the sight is doing half the work.


Of course ... the front exhibits some of the finest electrical tape and aluminum flashing known. ;?)

After a careful adjustment to the sights ... I fired another group. Hey - maybe it's that the gun and projectiles were well designed! hahah.

It's brain surgery to design and make the stuff. If it's correct ... it's simple to enjoy it.

So ... 12:30 Sunday morning now. Guess last week is over. Thus starts this week.

The hand is doing just fine. I'm feeling fine - thanks. Trying to catch up as I can and stay relatively sane as well.


Hope you enjoyed a "recreational recess" .... ;?)