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Ball Flask PCP

(New Testing added 10-14-02 bottom of page)

Early Testing: First Fire - 10:30 pm - 10-11-02


I've been working on an enjoyable side project for some time. Half a day here and there; it's finally added up to the point where I could assemble the rough parts and test fire.

This is always a great experience. Having had an idea months (sometimes years) before, I will have taken the time to carefully make drawings and shop notes for the project. It might then be additional months (or years) before time affords a chance to begin a build on the project. I've mentioned before ... "the only thing I can do quickly is to ruin something ..." So, we start, and stick to it for as long as it takes. A billet of steel, a drilled hole, a milling operation, a weld ... month after month. Eventually, parts begin to accumulate.

This one has been in my mind for three years or more. And, last night, I test fired the action. Here's a pic of the rough action assembled and charged.

The heart of the project was the development of the Barnes Tri-Valve Safety Ball Reservoir (say that ten times backwards!) Or ... as we like to call it, here in the war room, ... the BTVSBR ... ;?)

A-L-O-T of work. But ... soooo neat. The bottom unit houses the quick fill port, the over-fill safety release regulator, and the fail safe O ring unit. The other end of the ball reservoir houses the firing valve.

The ball threads onto the bottom of the action in the traditional location. Clearly the action is in the rough and the stock has yet to be built.

This particular prototype is also a breech loading, rear hammer, 32 caliber.

How's it shoot? Well, I'm just "sneaking up on it" for the first dozen shots or so. I broke out some 64 grain Barnes Hornets to play with. And, I choose to set the regulating limit valve at approx. 1,250 psi. I was running the action on air for these first tests, but I'll try CO2 as well. After a while, I'll run the action hotter with higher pressure air. But, let's see what you can do with 1,250 psi ....


And ... what can you do with 74 fpe?

The slug punched straight through this 1 by 10... (3/4" thick)... pine board and then still slammed into the bullet trap with enough force to totally flatten itself! Neat.

It's fun to test the new units and see what they can do. I'll keep you posted.

More testing 10-14-02

Ran the ball flask 32 @ 2,100 psi today.

78 grain Barnes Falcon slug flew 860 fps for 128 fpe.

Ohler chronograph of a shot @ 2,100psi with the 78 grain slug.

Entry of 32 Falcon in 2 by 8 framing lumber.

Exit of slug from back of plank. Oddly - the knot didn't show from the front. I accidently picked a nasty part of the plank without knowing it. the slug didn't care. It had enough energy to shatter on the bullet trap behind. Fragments shown.

Hey - this will work. An classic looking ball flask PCP with modern ballistics. Totally handmade including the tri-valve Barnes globe. Ohhhooooo ...... I want one!