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The Great Birthday Bandsaw Caper

Alot of prep went into reorganizing in order to add the saw to the shops. This is one of the machining shops.

Finally the day arrived (note "The Wall" in the background. Steel covered and organized prior to the arrival of the crate). Part of the welding shop.

Just like Christmas ... I always open my presents with a saber saw ... ;?)

What a great unit. Wanted one of these for 30 years.


It has a Super Duper blade welder unit. ;?)

Really fine ...

Another wall upgrade project of the week. Everything needed to be shifted and jockeyed around. It exposed this wall which was unfinished. I insulated and sheathed it ...

And here's the wall later in the week.

This is the construction of much of the shop complex. Here a storage shed area goes up for all the engine tools (snowblower, chipper, mower, chainsaws, pressure washer, etc.) To be finished as time is available.

Insulated and plywood sheathed inside. Makes a nice look and blends with the Victorian community.

Moved the indoor testing range too. By doing this, I gained access for a future project (when the office moves from the house to the shop second floor rooms). Those rooms have been sort of marooned due to access. Been in these particular shops 25 years now. You reconfigure for the routine you morph into.

A break for birthday dinner on the 5th. The clean up and associated shop dust/grit have my face alittle more rosy than normal! Kelly cooked me steamed shrimp. If you want to win my heart ... that works. Then we shared my birthday bear claw cake with coffee ;?) Then is was back to the shop.

And I got some fine stash to maintain my super hero figure.

This is "Sweet!" The whole thing is in English!

Going to be a great winter in the shop ...

Big Smile ;?)