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Boys and their Toys!

Jon is preparing a little dart for Jay's Justice 87 PCP Shotgun. The Dart shaft is 8" of 5/16" solid steel.

Ahwwwwwl ..... they shot a tree!!!!!

Interesting - the shaft of darts don't just go in - decelerate - and stop ... the energy often whips the shaft over to slap the item. I used to see this in my early PCP low pressure dart guns.

So - of the 8" steel shaft ... there's about 3/4" outside - 7 1/4" inside the tree ... to be found by a sawmill fifty years from now no doubt ... ;?)

Dented in area about 3/4" deep in a heavy tank of 1/4" galvanized steel. Jay says slug dia. went to about 1 1/2". ;?)

Here's Jay's e-mail of this morning accompanying the pics:

The first picture is Jon holding the dart prior to firing. Next, the dart has been fired and the flight is recovered with very little damage. After that, we snuck up on an unsuspecting 35 gallon water buff umm, tank made of 1/4" galvanized steel. The 905 grain slug made quite a dent and flattened out to about 1.5" The CMU (concrete masonry unit ... engineer speak ... ;?) fell victim to the third shot of the fill prior to leaving for the woods. Before and after (what was recovered from the lake). Just before I was about to load the car, we heard a squirrel chattering in an oak tree nearby. A shot charge made quite a mess of it. (you don't want to see the pic). I need to back off on the charge weight.;) Finally, we are cooking some tenderloin and bacon wrapped shrimp/pepper jack poppers. MMMMMMMM.

The unsuspecting CMU. These things are hard to catch in the open like this ....

They hauled out some of the pcs. Jay said in a phone call, that the block disintegrated in a cloud of debris. That was the third shot off of the single charge they'd been prowling around with. ;?)

Man ... this is the life. Those things on the foil are huge bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with cheese. THAT is really low to send a frail old man a pic of something like that .... haha ;?)

Hey ... isn't that a pistol stock under the grate???

Got a mail from Lon. Copy:


I just spent about an hour and a half with the Ranger, the second week in a row. Discovered I had it the other week when I opened the closet, what a surprise. ;?)



He also just discovered that his rifle was power adjustable so he was playing with different settings and slugs as well as buckshot.

Hey Lon ... did you ever see this page? Delta haha ;?)

Julio had the Hoss 45 pistol out in Puerto Rico over the weekend.

He was charting any difference between Hornady and Speer Round lead ball. Charting two sizes and pressure fills for the way the PCP is currently set up.


Caliber: .454 .457 PSI

FPS 743.80 744.50 3,000

743.80 737.65 3,100

737.60 734.20 3,200

731.50 731.50 3,300

717.30 715.15 3,400


His Conclusions:

First, that the Hoss pistol is achieving higher fps readings using Speer round balls compared Hornady lead balls.

Second, the .457 round ball out perform the .454 in fps, fpe and accuracy.

Third, using a 3,300 psi fill I could safely take (4) shots out of a single fill with an average variance in fps of 9.225 fps between shots. That number would be 6.267 fps if we only take the first three shots.

Jerry and his boys had the Maverick out while away over Thanksgiving. He sent this in last week.

Been a while since I could catch up with the site. Hope all is well and
the procedure goes smooth.

The boys and I did get to do some shooting on a range over Thanksgiving
but the camera decided not to work at that moment and we didn't get the time
to try any longer range targets. A really fun thing that happened though
was that after all the ooh's and ah's over the Maverick, I handed it to PJ
for the first shot and asked him to see if it was sighted in for the 28
yards he was shooting. He put the first shot dead through the "10,"
couldn't have found the center of that target any better with a protractor
and drill press! Next shot just made the hole a little bigger... It was a
fine outing but just not enough time.

Anyhow, hope all is well and we'll get some shooting pics to you at the
first opportunity,

Thanks for sending in some materials. Everybody enjoys them.