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Card Tricks

At the Cumberland Valley Sports League (where Standing Stone 4 will be held this year), the club Sec. is a fine fella named Bob. He's a crack shot and loves pistol.

Well, Bob also finds time to whip out all manner of targets and target holders in his shop. Nearby the shop, he has his own airgun range! Yeah - I'm green with envy too ... ;?)

I made the mistake of mentioning to Bob the idea of "cutting playing cards" with airgun pellets. I'd posted a movie of myself and old Doc Marino doing so @ 50 yards with our 32 Barnes rifles a couple of years ago.

Bob took the idea and ran with it - quickly morphing the idea into making racks to hold them, racks to hold them on different planes, indexable racks, racks with CD changers .... we could not get him to stop!

Yesterday I had the idea of challenging old Bob to some e-mail shooting (and he actually asked for a handicap for his sore trigger finger! ... ha!!). This morning I was thinking of this and made up this little rack myself. Pretty sure we're gonna have a version of this at Standing Stone 4.

For the game, you'll buy a "Bob" of cards ... as seen above. The distance is 12 yards here in the shop from my small bench to my small bore pellet trap. That's about the distance you can "slosh" a cold cuppa coffee while walking between the shop and the house ...

So, you'll buy yourself a "Bob" of cards which will be placed a "Slosh" from the shooting bench. You'll have ten minutes to "Cut the Cards". We'll keep track of your number of shots to do so, during that time limit.

I sat down with my Liberty 25 shooting #3 buckshot with a 4X shotgun scope mounted. Forestock resting on a "V" of Styrofoam. I shot the first 5 shots and went to see.

Two cards cleanly cut and blown from the rack ...

Number one card (left) was cleanly cut as well but wedged in place. That's called a "Hanging Chad". It counts as a clean cut.


Number two card was deeply grazed. We call that a "Pregnant Chad" - that counts as a great attempt ... nevertheless a miss.


I went back and took shot number 6. Another clean cut on the 7 of Diamonds - the number 5 card on the far right.

Having done this, I decided to go for the card with the Pregnant Chad ...


And cleanly cut it this time ... ;?)


I'm sure we can have some fun with this at Standing Stone 4. Many of you are crack small bore shots. And, you can practice day and night from now til then if you wish.

We're all on the job - making sure Standing Stone 4 is the best yet!

Come join us and buy a few "Bob" of cards. We'll award medals for the best "Card Shark" at SS4.

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