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Bob's World!

Shooting Sheds. You gotta love it...

For various ranges ....

With heat! Ahaaaaaaa.....

Is that a moving piggie target out there?

Sign me up. Jan. 15,16, 05 ... for the "Erwin Invitational Air Pistol Shoot"

More to come ...

Bob's Chaparral 25


Hey Gary,


Just finished box 4 of #3. (guess I need to take some time off for work).

It loves nitrogen, moved the bottle out to the shop, so I can recharge easier and longer

Now I'm not limited to 80 cubic feet. The large Airhog tank at 4500 lasted 8 days (took it over for a refill today)

Also had to have my scuba tanks topped off.


Think I'm hooked?

If you think I need it, could you send help?

You may want to start a 7 step program for us Barnes shooters.


If anyone asks I like it.



My reply ....

Hi Bob,

Wow - Most excellent.

You're an animal !!!

1 pound = 7,000 grains. 5 pounds per box = 35,000 grains. 35,000 divided by 23.7 grains each = 1,477 ball per box. Times 4 boxes = 5,907 rounds.

I'm impressed. I'm amazed. You da man Bob!!

How's the bolt O rings look?

Toss a "stripe" of light oil along the lower side of the cocking slot window against the side of the hammer. That will lube the hammer and the sear below.

I'm seriously pleased that you are pleased.


Added 10-22-04

It's great to see someone enjoying the product, and wringing it out. Bob has a corner of his shop set up for a shooting station. Looks like a good supply of #3 buckshot among the other ammo. Bob's shooting his Chaparral 25 pistol off of Nitrogen. That tank should last awhile! ;?)

Nothing like a shooting port and clean bench for climate controlled enjoyable shooting. Spotting scope on the left at the ready. Chaparral 25 on bench. Cell phone to complain to the manufacturer just in the event he misses a shot ... ;?)


"Target World" ... so many ... so little time ... ;?)


Fine set-up Bob. It's the customers who really shoot their Barnes PCP's that find out just what was built into them.

Because the ground falls away from the shop area, the target base is elevated.

Bob tells me this is 12 shots (offhand) at 25 meters with the pistol.

Two more groups of 12 shots offhand with the Chaparral 25 pistol shooting 23.7 grain #3 buckshot @ about 809 fps. for approx. 34.45 fpe.

That's a potent tight unit for varmint control. I'd say that was 12 for 12 on the crow/squirrel varmint population if needed.