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Chaparral 25 PCP Pistol

and Pistol Carbine

Barnes 25 caliber PCP pistol. Shown with 15 ball magazine, composite shroud tube, Barnes 25 barrel, relief carved grips, power adjust.

with outrigger buttstock

Deep relief carved walnut grips. Upper right - carbine clamp interface.

Pull upper brass knob to load ball - lower brass knob is power adjust. The pistol will shoot from about 8-30 fpe with 23.7 grain #3 buck shot.

Note: Version shown features a "Tuxedo" combination of soft matte grey, black, and polished components. Ask if you like this - my personal favorite.

A sample of higher power ...

Excellent accuracy - three shots @ 10 yards

again ...

and again ...

(Keep in mind here ... that dime is appearing on your screen several times life size - more like a silver dollar size. Hold a dime up there and take a look at how small these groups actually are!)

And, just to show that I didn't harvest those especially ... here's the card. All three groups shot back to back - same fill.

Pistol will be made plain or fancy. 7" or 12" barrel - shrouded or not. Various formats. Regular pellets or not.

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Hope you enjoyed seeing the Chaparral 25.


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