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Chaparral 25

If you drop by Barnes Pneumatic late in the evening or on the weekends, you'll find the shop lights are still on. I don't watch alot of T.V. From 8 am til midnight, I'm on duty and answer your e-mail. Mornings cover the main office work. Daytime is for orders and special customer needs.

If you step into the back room, I'll show you what much of the overtime investment has been about this year.


Shown unfinished - this is the "Chaparral 25". A 25 caliber PCP Pistol from Barnes Pneumatic. All billet aluminum machined frame. High strength alloy steel pressure tube. Barnes manufactured barrel.


Designed to be light, economical to operate, and a heck of alot of fun. Here's some details from early testing...

Ammo: #3 buck shot - purchased in five pound bags - Hornady

23.7 grains each ball

709 fps (power adjustable option on this pistol - set for medium here)

26.46 fpe - that's already over the power of many 25 caliber air rifles.

Shots per fill - 25-30 (more when turned way down)

3 lbs as shown in 12" barrel version - A 7" version will be available too.

How's it shoot ..... ?


Pretty fine!!! Three round ball went thru there at 10 yards in the shop. That black spot is a good bit smaller than a US dime!!

You could use the Beeman perfect round 25 caliber ball, or use the #3 buck shot from Hornady. Now - The buckshot is swagged - and it's harder than soft lead projectiles. The buckshot is not nearly so perfectly spherical though. Roll it around and measure it four or five different times and you'll get 4-5 different measurements. As much as 5 thousandths difference from measurement to measurement... that's alot for a projectile.

BUT ... as usual, I've found a way around that. It's a dirt cheap ammo for those of you who like to have alot of ammo around. So, it's worth alittle fiddling to fluff it up some. I've made a tooling kit to round out the ball. It quickly gets them to about 1 to 1 1/2 thousandths of spherical. That's good enough for the above groups. Yes - I can sell the tooling kits. It's a trade off - tooling or purchasing "Perfect Round" ball.

Here's another group. It wasn't a fluke. This pistol shoots!

Ah ... but you were probably using some fancy laser scope or something ... ?


Actually, here's the front sight. Quickly bent aluminum flashing and tape.

And here's the rear sight .. bent loop of brass with a leather blinder around it. I wanted to get a rough idea of how the pistol shot. Boy ... did I ever!!! Guess I'll have to offer these custom sights now too .... ha ha ;?)


As an option, I've machined this integral clamp as part of the front tower. The clamp will accept the outrigger boom for an optional rear abbreviated shoulder stock. That will make a heck of a neat little carbine rig!

Yes ... I took a few offhand pot shots too. I'm sure you can do better ...

There is a round ball magazine option which will go on this pistol when I get a chance. I wanted to do some proof testing before I added that layer of machinery.

Sure, if you want a barrel to load pellets - I can do. I loaded a few Beeman Kodiak thru this one

They did pretty well too ...

Drop me a line and tell me what you think if you care to ...

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