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Chaparral 25 - Photos of various detail options

The machined optional signature

The power adjust area. Rear brass lock, adjust screw, internal components unseen.

The "Wedding Ring" clamp attaching the fore stock

Detail of the muzzle - solid brass (Composite shroud)

The 15 Ball Magazine

The ghost ring integral clamp front sight. Also showing the integral machined quick fill. Also shows the glass beaded finish on the billet clamp.

The composite shroud system.

The integral receiver interface clamp for the outrigger boom of the rear butt stock option.

The butt stock attached.

Shop Specs on the Chaparral 25

I've been filling the pistol to 3,000 psi. I can then shoot about 40 shots between 16-19 fpe. That's shooting the #3 buck shot (23.7 grains) in that 550-600 fps range. You can run it alot hotter if you wish - easily up to 750 fps. (which is 29.6 fpe). It's easy to find a power range and a level plateau of shots with the power adjust. If you want to shoot slower - you can get even more of course. It's very versatile.

The pistol is nice and quiet with the composite shroud. I love the ball magazine. It holds 15 round ball. I just index it with the tip of my left index finger. I roll it counter clockwise 90 degrees, snap it back and then forward again, then roll it back clockwise to locked position. I never take my finger off the brass knob. Silky smooth and effortless. I never take my right hand off the pistol grip either. Snap the separate cocking stud back when you wish and go. It's a treat to use and you can get rid of 15 ball pretty quickly.

Accuracy seems very good - even with the raw bag buck shot. I made some tooling which rounds the ball out more spherical, and that makes it even more accurate.


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