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Chaparral 25 Testing

I've had some people ask regarding the Chaparral 25 and "off the rack" pellets. I looked around the shop and ran this informal test with what I found here ...

The fact that I cast special slugs which are more heavy or which are for a special purpose means that I don't have alot of pellets in house. I did this test with prepared #3 Hornady buck shot, a Barnes pellet called the Falcon, and two Beeman pellets - the Crow magnum and the Kodiak Match.

Here's the test: 3 shots at each - same POA

The chart is pretty clear. Everything I tried worked well. I have also tried the Korean pellet (it used to be called the Dae Sung ... maybe it still is) ... it worked very well too. I forgot I had them when I did this test.

I'm extremely pleased to demonstrate that the humble #3 buck shot performs so well in the Chaparral. That was one of my goals - especially with the new ball magazine. I do "prepare" the ball by running them thru my tooling to make them more precise.

Hornady's web site "claims" that their buck shot is within one thousandth of "round" - that's their term. I'm certain they mean spherical ... and I'm not trying to just nit pick. You could roll something on one axis and get "round" (easier to do) ... a ball needs to be rolled on multiple axis to determine it's "spherical" tolerance. I hope this isn't a loophole they are using. Anyway ... the buck shot I have in house was purchased about 6 years ago. It's Hornady and within about 5+ thousandths of spherical. Hornady claims the industry standard is about 10 thousandths for buck shot.

Now... the 5 or 10 thousandths is not good enough for target work. When I prepare the ball - I get them to about 1 1/2 thousandths of spherical. That's good enough. "IF" the newly ordered Buck shot comes in and IS now actually +/- 1 thousandths of spherical, I'll be very happy indeed. I ordered a bunch some time back and it's not here yet.

I'll continue testing - hope you enjoy the reports.


Update: Called Hornady this morning. Wondered if that net order really went thru. They found it - said it had gone out - late due to the holidays. So, having them on the line, I asked regarding my question as to if they have newer technology now producing better buckshot. The lady had no idea. She transferred me. The tech. said I was mistaking their round ball for their buckshot. I insisted I was reading the section for buckshot and they actually used the word "buckshot". He then said there was a difference between techs. and advertising people. Didn't care for the sound of that. He said he'd look into it - took my number - they'd call back. They haven't today.

However; as things always go ... the buckshot arrived today. Never fails after you go through all the phone tag. I was anxious to check the product. It's different. Much better than the several year old product I had in stock. It would seem that the company is now making a better product and the employees do not know it.

First shots of the day - so I did two groups of each - no warm-up. First two groups were the Korean 3 ring heavy dome pellet. Second two groups were three each of the un-prepared new buckshot. Great.

Another buck group of 3 thru one hole - excellent - NO preparation required - fed thru my ball magazine as well. POI is intentionally off of the POA in all these targets in order not to destroy the aim point.


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