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Customer Provided Targets

Bottom of the page for a great story . . . 11-17-00


Just in 9-01-00


This customer has a "net" nickname of "Wuddy". We'll post targets as testing continues on his Barnes 45 caliber pcp.

I don't have the exact group size (the target was e-mailed in). However; those are .452 holes. That's pretty good shooting I'd say.


Another target from "Wuddy".

Those are Barnes Pneumatic slugs. How's that for a nice clean, straight punch?

I think that's a 10 meter target, isn't it?

Well, we stretched that one a bit!


That's 80 meters (87 1/2 yards)

These are Barnes 270 grain "Bishops" fired @ 800 fps from a Nitro Express

Provided by "Wuddy"


A second fine 80 meter group by "Wuddy"

And . . .

How's that for some fine shooting?

50 meters (54.68 yards) off the knee!

And - how'd you like to have that kind of room indoors?

That's a five shot cluster of Raptor holes.

205 grain slugs @ approx. 900 fps.

Go Wuddy, Go Wuddy Go!

Now, that's an indoor range with some . . . Class!


Great Story . . .

Wuddy has a great set up. He's put together the hardware to allow him to keep his Nitro Express hooked up to the SCUBA tank at the bench. His yoke assembly has a first class regulator built into it. So, he can sit and shoot and let the reg do the chore of refilling. Neat.

Well, this arrangement promotes quicker firing. All that compressed air being moved around promotes some moisture. So, Wuddy's rifle is getting cooler with firing. The guy on the range lane next to him is shooting a firearm. His rifle is melting down from shooting. And, the fella's alittle warm under the collar too - seems Wuddy's 100 meter targets are coming back consistently smaller than the other guy's 50 meter firearm targets!

Eventually, the guy can stand it no more - he challenges Wuddy to an "Off-Hand" show-down on 50 meter targets to simulate "actual hunting conditions."

Oooohhhhh . . . I cringed . . . BIG MISTAKE . . . (I've seen Wuddy shoot Off-Hand . . .)

"Wuddy Cleaned his Clock!" With an air gun . . .

Oh please . . . stop . . . I can't stand it . . . thump thump . . . I'm on the floor over here . . .

Oh Heavens, I wish I could have seen that . . .


More of Wuddy's Targets

I designed a slug which I called a "Bishop". Wuddy seems to know how to feed them through his Barnes Savannah Class 45 Nitro Express with the skill of an expert marksman.

Once again; this is a Barnes Handmade rifle, sporting a Barnes handmade rifle barrel. The projectile is a Barnes designed slug which "Wuddy" cast himself in his Barnes manufactured bullet mold, and then sized in Barnes sizing dies.

It just brings a tear to my eye . . .

Look at those clean slug punches . . .

Here he's finding the range - walking the slugs down the page.

Wuddy says that first shot - the 10X rattled him. Then he walked out of the group. After the high shot, he broke for coffee. I've had this happen. When you see that 10X, alone on a clean target, it's very unsettling to pull the trigger the next time!

7 Bishops @ 100 meters (109+ yards)

6 Bishops @ 100 meters

And, 3 shots off Wuddy's knee @ 50 meters. By Golly, that's fine shooting!

I've got to get me one of these rifles . . . and a knee that steady . . . I'd have to be wrapped in duct tape from head to toe . . .




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