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Damascus Show 2003 - Page 2

And then .... In strode ....... "The Contender!"

He wasted no time pranging ducks on the wing...

He claimed he could handle "The Hoss" offhand!


And ... By Golly! ... the crowd went nuts when he did! That wooden apple splintered and flew in every direction. Fine shootin' Son.

The "Contender" and his Dad. Quality Time!

The folks enjoyed the V-Twin 45 Prototype which was set up for any to try out. We were shooting round ball with the V-Twin running off 1,700 psi. An identical 4X Simmons shotgun scope made for easy eye position and target acquisition.


A few asked for targets on the 30 yard backer. Here's their three standard round ball groups.

Some pounded the hanging cans @50 yards (which we couldn't take a pic of from 50 yards away...)

We had blocks of 1" hard yellow treated pine set up. The rifle and Pistol just "Paper Punched" them!

Here's the punched block and the flattened ball splat from the steel knock over groundhog


The Prairie @ 50

Quite a few of the rifle and pistol blocks looked like this one!

Bill says his apple goes on the shelf at home!

We had a great time. Thanks again to all of you who came out. We shot quite alot of lead and splintered quite alot of wood. The groundhogs all have terrible headaches today but say they are ready for Standing Stone.

These "Bring 'Em and Shoot 'Em" events are what my commercial show time is all about anymore. The site shows you my work all year. I make it available for the public to enjoy when the events arise, and always have a great time sharing and watching folks smile. None of these people were familiar with this rifle or pistol. Heck ... tell me how many people are familiar with a 45 caliber Air pistol .. ;?) They walked up, aimed, and smiled. The products are user friendly and worked wonderful.

If you missed Damascus, you missed a good time. Don't miss Standing Stone. The weekend of Sept. 20th.

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