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Damascus Show Big Bore Demonstration 2003

We were delighted to see so many turn out for the Big Bore demonstration from 1-3pm at the Damascus 2003 show.

Pic above: My wife Kelly, helped out with the show and took a few shots with the Hoss pistol. She also took most of these pics for me.

Old Doc Marino was on hand to help out and brought his Barnes Prairie 32 Classic. He shot some fine 50 yard targets for us and shared his rifle, knowledge, and experience with those attending.

Bill was our official Range officer and took his turn with Hoss in the Apple shoot.

SingSon was our one man digital video crew!

People arriving for the 1pm start.

Yours truely manning the bench.


I must apologize for not knowing the names of all the friends who stopped by. The position and the size of the pics are simply the luck of the draw, and the location available for the camera at that given moment.

Let's see the folks having a great time.


Drawing down a Bead with "Hoss" - my new toy ... a 45 caliber Pistol.

John and I went down to the pistol range around 10am to sight it in with a few shots. I'd never had it to the range before. We put a great little 4X Simmons long eye relief shotgun scope on it for easy shooting.




We had a row of steel knock over 3am Groundhogs set out. The pistol put them down "Instantly!"


Many fine folks took a turn ....


And Then .... In strode ......... "The Contender!"

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