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It's the Details that Define the Product ...

Relief Carving - drawn freehand - hand carved

Hard Color Anodizing - multi-color patterns developed by hand


Acid Etching - done exactly as was the ancient suits of armor

Detail of Acid Etching (from 10-23-03)

Each single detail is hand painted onto the steel with a "resist" material. Yes - all of the individual thousands of them on this reservoir tube - one at a time. When the steel is soaked in acid (special type, temp., consistency) ... the steel under the design is protected - the background is etched away. The detail results in a "relief" pattern ... you can hook your fingernail on the edge of each detail. If it goes wrong, the acid undercuts the design, the resist floats off, etc., and not only the design, but the entire part is ruined.

Clean .... Color, Form, Contrast. You must have an eye for compound curves, and the ability to grind them smoothly.

Balance, Detail .... this has the "Jules Verne" look folks refer to. It's that 18th/19th century look many enjoy.

I've been adding to these various skills since childhood. Professionally since 1974. This is why, for those who wish to buy Barnes, I cannot simply hire on additional staff. I don't have a push button operation. It's why (for those who continually ask), I cannot just tell them how to do this stuff. Everything builds upon a previous skill level.

Hope you enjoy the pics and the vast variety of styles possible.

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