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Family Night ...

Maverick style!

Dad and his 3 boys spent an evening with their Barnes Maverick. They sent in pics of their outing for us to enjoy.

An afternoon of shooting turned into an evening of shooting. That's great! Looks like a fine place to shoot. Here's the 40 yard targets.



Shooting from the rear deck. High pressure Carbon Fiber tank on the table. Leather rail bag on the right. Everything you need for a great session.






The first thing I notice from the target, is that our shooters include Dad, Chris (12 yrs. old), PJ (13 yrs. old) and Timmy (8 yrs. old). Hey ... how did "Dad" get his name spotlighted there! haha.

Second thing, those are some nice looking groups from all. Well done.

Here Paul draws down. Nice form.

Chris, ready to take a shot with the Barn... HEY!! WAIT ... WHAT's this??? There's the BARNES Maverick leaning against the railing!!! Oh NO!!! You mean ...??? ... there's some O-T-H-E-R gun there ....

Oh man ... now I'm depressed ... wink ... `;?) OK Chris ... go ahead and SEE if you can just hit the tree with that OTHER gun ... haha.


Dad's doing a fine job with the Maverick.


Really glad you are all having a good time with the carbine. That's what I make them for.

Thanks for the pics. We enjoyed them.