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I've had so many requests for an Archive of my total work. Hopefully, until that arrives, this will do ...

I won't labor over exhaustive descriptions, specifications, ballistics, features, options, cost structures, shots per charge, or any of that good stuff. This is just for fun ...


Also, some of the photos are not the highest quality ... forgive.

Early prototype ... High Plains Carbine in 38 cal.

Younger days ... forging steel

45 Cal. Dueling Pistol format



45 Caliber Prototype Expedition Class. Right: Breech (shorty bolt) of the 45 Pistol above.

44 Cal. Bison format - lever assist cocking - thread off under pressure resv.

Working on Barnes Serial Number One PCP

Girandoni breech, fully acid etched 45. Cover of US AIRGUN Jan. 97


56 Bison Custom ... 655 fpe

56 Expedition. I won the first (and only) Michigan shoot with this one.

Early Ranger 97


A custom PCP kit? Raw materials. This is where I start.



Left: Ranger 97 Stock. Right: Relief Carved stock

The "Wing" cocking lever/hammer on the 56 Expedition


A view of the Alpine 45 and it's unique details including multi-aperture sights

The 25 Royale action

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