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A Group To Remember!

I've made a couple of rifles just for myself. Seems they are no longer mine. I always forget that, just like everyone else, I have to wait for another one to be made. Even though I do have a "slight advantage", the rifles take just as long to make - no matter who they are for.

Well, I've found myself without a big bore rifle. Embarrassing, isn't it? So I set about stealing a few hours here and there to make another. I always have a new idea or several I want to try. These ideas work their way into customer rifles and upgrade existing orders with improvements.

I've just started testing my new rifle. It's far from finished. It looks alot like a plumber's nightmare right now, but, I can look ahead to what will be. It sure does shoot though. Finished or not. Take a look at today's range session . . .


Nobody was more surprised and pleased than me. I was testing several new bullet designs along with the new rifle. And, they don't all work. I shot some lousy groups today. Toward the end of the session, I began paying more attention to how the rifle was sand bagged. How I was holding it. And, I got to the last new bullet style.

The first one dropped in nice - in line. Always a good sign. The rifle kicks quite a bit. It's "target mode" is about 425 ft. lbs. of muzzle energy. The entire backer disappears when it fires. I scoped this rifle for tests. Alot of you folks want to use your scopes. I understand and added rails to this one - even for me - my eyes can use the help too.

So, when the feathers and dust settled, there was this real clean hole - just below the aim spot. (Center hole). I reload. Take care with what I'd learned about the rifle. Squeezed off another shot. When the scope cleared, I still find only the one hole. Nuts! That shot felt good - where's the hole? Wait . . . that was a clean hole before - now there's a tear moving off to the right. No . . . couldn't be. (upper hole).

I reload. Take very careful aim. Squeeze off another shot. I scope the target and . . . I don't believe it! (bottom hole).

Put it in perspective: we forget what the numbers really mean. This is a photo looking; over the sand bag, at the 100 yard target backers, at the range I use. Right in the center of the photo is that tiny white rectangle. That's the target backer. Now, just shoot three 45 caliber slugs that all hit the same dime over there. Actually, a dime is "huge" at .706 of an inch. My group was .550" c/c

The group measures .55" center to center @ 100 yards. That's almost 1/2 minute of angle!

Alpine Class


I went back to the range on Feb. 28th. A sunny, but very gusty day. Here's what I shot

between the wind gusts.

There's your perfect "Minute of Angle" accuracy - 1" @ 100 yards.


There's a secret to this . . . it's called "Range Time"

You must learn the rifle - match a slug to it - tune your shooting style - and acquire a

repeatable technique. You'll know when you're there.



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