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Heritage Class


I think right here is a good place to post this e-mail from the Owner of this Heritage Pistol after owning it for a weekend. Copy Follows:

Hello Gary,

I sighted in the Heritage pistol today with the much nicer pistol scope. I
was able to print the exact kind of groups as you showed on your web site at
the same ranges. It took a little while to get used to the trigger and come
up with the best grip for me, but this was no problem. This completes the
circle! The power, accuracy, great looks, and easy re-charging all
contribute to make this the most outstanding air pistol I've ever had the
privelage to own! I routinely went 5 for 5 on the .22 rimfire styled ram
silhouettes at 30 yards using a 'pyramid' two hand hold. The heavy 5"
diameter 1/2" falling plates fell with authority to the Heritage pistol as
well at 10 yards today too. I also recovered a round that smacked the steel
ram target. The concentric rifling grooves were very easy to spot on the
spent round just as you described.

All the best,


Going out to it's new owner after field testing. This Heritage 32 PCP pistol is set to run about 62 foot pounds with 50 grain single 0 buckshot (about 747 fps).


Everything on the Pistol was handcrafted by Barnes. There's a new "ultra-glide" hammer in there too.


That rear fluted knob was billet machined. Left and back to load - forward and clockwise to lock.

Machined Barnes Logo


A very traditional stock format - very comfortable to hold.

As shown, the pistol weighs 3.5 pounds.


Elegant sculpted curves ...


Deceptively complex to carve and finish.


Barnes 32 caliber barrel is floated


Set up with standard 11mm - 60 degree dovetails


Can't wait to do some accuracy testing.


Here's an early fpe test in the shop. That's a relatively hard spruce 2 by 4. Sliced thru the bullet path on the band saw. As you see, the 69.27 fpe of this shot was thinking hard about exiting the other side.

Did some tuning today. The 50 grain round 32 caliber lead ball will shoot @ 747 fps in it's current tune. I think you'll note that's "rifle" velocity ... and from a pistol.

And, here you see ... with alittle tuning, the 83 grain slug goes on thru. ;?) Not too bad for an AIR pistol.

Heritage 32 caliber handmade PCP Pistol ....... $3,000 US.

Added 7-15-05

Customer wished to have his Heritage 32 set up for open sights.

He also wanted a front barrel ring - just to feel more secure about the barrel's safety.

Note the clamp and sight are all machined from billet.

The customer provided a Beeman rear peep unit which clamps to the standard 11mm dovetails of the receiver.


You'd be amazed how often I do this ... I can't tell you how. Here are the first two targets after a rough sight in at 12 meters. You'll note the two doubles in the bull and the outside shot is the same on each target. Go figure.

Another O buckshot group as the first two ...

And a Barnes 32 Pistol Waddcutter Slug for good measure. Using the open sights - four quick groups just laying the pistol across a bag @ 12 meters. The pistol was in pcs. half an hour before.

Fun Pistol!


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The Heritage Format (dueling pistol look) goes under the "Victory" Class pricing - it's a very similar action. For those models currently available for order, please link over to the catalog pages. Thanks.


Heritage Pistol at the Range - Early testing Targets!