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Heritage 32 Pistol

at the range ...

This is the Heritage 32 caliber PCP Pistol from Barnes Pneumatic. Here, it's mounted with a 4 power long eye relief shotgun scope on BKL rings. Pistol has standard 11mm dovetails. Page of detailed pics of Pistol


It's designed to shoot single O buckshot. I've designed a number of new pcs. around this product from Hornady. Uniformity is good. It's very economical @ $14.60 per five pound box. That's a BUNCH of lead ball. Folks asked about simple ammo with good performance too ... we've got it.


That's 5 shots @ 12 yards. I just set out some targets at random and then zapped them with the laser rangefinder.


Beautiful range session here on a friend's farm. He's a great bow hunter - thus the deer targets center left.


5 shots at 23 yards. From a single fill of the reservoir - only need go to 2,400 psi. A tank will last forever - even at this power range.


We're shooting the 50 grain 32 caliber buckshot ball @ approx. 750 fps. at the sweet spot of the fill. Grouping real nice even out at 40 yards from a pistol.


In the center of the pic, I've drawn a flat red line - to the left of that is a plywood target leaning against a fence post.


The Leica laser says that's 56 yards over there. That's five shots of buckshot ball from the Heritage Pistol.


And they are still blowing thru that 5/8" hard texture One Eleven plywood @ 56 yards.

The pistol was a pleasure to shoot. You can rotate the breech knob and pull it open with one finger. Drop in a ball, close and rotate it shut. No fuss. The pistol cocks easily - I put my thumb behind the breech knob and could easily pull the cocking stud back with my index finger.

Recognize it or not, this is what many readers have been asking me for. This is quite powerful, 100% handmade, only 3.5 pounds, shoots economical ammo, and is deadly accurate.

 More Targets from Saturday ...

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