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Heritage 32 Pistol

more enjoyable field time ...

Pretty Saturday afternoon here. We decided to go shooting for awhile.

Our pistol here was designed to shoot single O buckshot for simplicity, and does so with great performance. Just drop 'em in - you'll be shooting them approx. 750 fps for a fun shoot. Hornady's 5 pound box of buckshot yields about 700 shots! Pretty good.

If you want to cast our own slugs, I make all sorts of 32 molds. If you want to shoot box ammo, you have many choices - Hornady's website offers 8 types of bulk lead 32 caliber pistol bullets you can order on-line.

We tested the buckshot and loved it.


And we've found them to be great in our pistol. Here's five shots @ 30 yards.


And 5 shots @ 40 yards


And five shots @ 53 yards.

We're real pleased with that from a pistol shooting round ball and using a 4X scope. We've set the power level to be alot of fun too. From a relatively low pressure fill of 2,400 psi (designed to make your SCUBA fills last longer) you get your five shots which still paper punch this tough 5/8" texture one eleven plywood at 50+ yards.

Great fun. Hope you enjoyed your day too!

Hope you can join us for Standing Stone 4 in Corbin, Kentucky September 24, 25, 26, 2004. Come try out our rifles and pistols in person.


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We'll have one of these Heritage Pistols available from time to time. Keep an eye on the site here for a first come basis. Or ... you can choose to use our no interest payment plan for orders on these 100% handmade items. Link back over for detailed photos of the build quality. For the time being, we'll enter a few of these on the ledger for a 24 month term and 10% down. Any questions - please e-mail - link directly above. Thanks alot ... Gary