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Homestead Cup 05


Bob Erwin and Gary Barnes hosted another shoot at Bob's Corbin, Kentucky location on May 13, 14, and 15, 2005. We scheduled to have 12 shooters. At the last moment, two could not attend. We had a great time with 10 shooters.


You just had to tell us you'd like to attend. Didn't have to be a Barnes Pneumatic Owner ... didn't have to be on the ledger ... just be willing to have a great weekend shooting Barnes PCPs. Here's Bill, at the hunting camp. All shooting for score was standing offhand. We were shooting at swinging plate steel silhouette targets which rang like a bell when hit. Scoring was hit or miss. The tournament was 144 targets over Sat. and Sun.


Between the owners attending, Bob, and myself, we provided a variety of Barnes PCP for shooters to use. There were a couple of more that didn't make this pic. All were 25 or 32 caliber this time. Folks were given a couple of hours to try the various airguns and find one they felt comfortable with.

Some folks rotated thru several guns for the enjoyment of it during the tournament.


A few folks were able to arrive on Friday. We sighted in the pistols and rifles. Here was a group of three 25 caliber #3 buckshot ball I shot with the Nebula 25 off a bag at one of the 100 yard splash plates. Actually - this was THE one and ONLY group I shot down there with the Nebula off the bag.


They were still bookin' along pretty good when they got there. We found them all about 10 feet back from the plate - Bob holds them for a pic.


Bill shooting Jay's Victory 32SS carbine at 50 yards during Friday play time.


That's Bill's three shots at 50 yards with O buckshot. Keep in mind too - that's a blank steel plate. You pick an aim spot out in the middle of nothing - and repeat it three times!


Pretty good group I'd say - You wanted tons of easy to get ammo - I developed the 25 caliber Barnes barrel for #3 buckshot and the 32 Barnes barrel for single O buckshot, and the guns to use them. They work.


Our Host - Bob Erwin. I delivered his Victory 32 SS at the Cup shoot. He seemed to catch onto it pretty quickly.


He laid these three shots in on the 100 yard splash plate on Friday afternoon. Yep - standing .. offhand ... with a Pistol.


Here's our group (myself taking pic) at the Hunting Camp range shack.

Left to Right - Back row first:

Our Host Bob, (jog forward) Shelia, J with a Barnes article he brought along, John, Bill, Kent (winner of the Erwin Cup last time), left front row kneeling is Jay, Kelli, and Ken (this Cup's Winner!!!). Kent and Kelli are husband/wife. Ken and Shelia as well.


Jay is laying waste to the pumpkin patch here. Had to be quick. We thought he had a shoulder pad trigger ... he's a heck of a "wing shot" ... shoulder and fire!


Here's the pumpkin patch. Steel pumpkins of three sizes - from 18-50 yards. Not so easy standing offhand. First time thru on Sat., we shot all like sizes in turn. Second time thru, we shot two of each size in turn.


Shelia did a great job of keeping score for our group. As you know - men can't count when they are shooting targets for score. haha. That looks like Jay's 32SS muzzle at the line. And yes ... they had to find coffee to sustain me...


We had hats made for everyone who attended. Shelia models hers for us here. Ummmm ....

Shelia models hers for us here!! ;?)


Ken took delivery of his Appaloosa 32 at the Cup Shoot. And then ... by Golly, he proceeded to nearly clean the course with it. Ken is our Homestead Cup 05 Winner. I forgot to get a pic of him holding the Homestead Cup ... my oversight.

Congratulations Ken!!!



Bill shooting the Hunting Camp. From that look on his face ... I think he was after the Hyenas!!! Mangy critters. Six of each of six different animal shapes were on the range. Approx. 10-78 yards. All were shot standing - offhand. Had to find them in the leaves - shoot around saplings - between two trees, etc. Was a great course. Some of the targets were camo blended into the background.


Jay shooting the Nebula 25 at the diamond plates from Bob's shop.


Kelli with her Victory 32 Brass on Stainless pistol. She's making fruit salad of the various steel fruit shapes hung on this "Fruit Bowl" range. From about 10-60 yards - all standing.


John found the Barnes hug/hold to be pretty steady for standing targets. Shooting the Nebula 25 here. Everyone said he was "On Target" with it all weekend.

As I get some more pics in ... I'll add to the story. I have mainly pics form the group I shot with. We split into two teams.

All the airguns worked great. We had a ball.

At the back of the hunting camp - about 50 foot into a huge tree ... there was a Hawk nest. Here's twins from this year's nest! We saw Mom and Pop all weekend too. Once in awhile - they'd come land on a target backer pipe!! Range Cold!! Beautiful birds.

Consider us next time. We go to alot of trouble to make a great weekend. Everyone tells us they can't remember having a better weekend shooting ... and they've made a lifetime memory.

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