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Sunday Afternoon

Hi friends - hello to some of the friends who have just discovered this side of the site. Welcome.

As you know, starting last Friday - we've been through one of those family duties we all dread. I won't try to paint a big smiley face on it. It was horrible. There were some brief moments of sunlight - a few smiles. Mostly, it was gut wrenching. This event required the working together of a few extended families. Things multiply really fast that way. The man who presided over the funeral said this was the largest funeral he'd ever witnessed.

There's always reasons why families split. Of those people that can't get along in good times, some will pull together in bad times - the rest will get worse. That's the was this went too. Apparently, everyone did their best under the circumstances.

May God rest Nelson's soul ... and we have completed discussing the matter.

I worked a few hours here and there this week with a view toward maintaining sanity. I think I worked just enough to meet the minimum requirements.

Some new folks asked for the url this morning. I'll delete some of these posts tomorrow. No need to preserve it. I sincerely look forward to this week's work. Right now ... we're going over to our Son's home for a roasted hot dog.

Thanks for your friendship,



Thursday Noon 10-28-04

I have a couple of days to work here and that feels good.

We had a big memorial service until late last night. Viewing Friday - Funeral Sat. There's been alot of good done along with the tragedy. Thanks for your notes, thoughts, and prayers. They have all been appreciated greatly.

I know you come to the site here for entertainment. I make note of the circumstances here in order for the friends, who follow regularly, to keep the big picture. It's obvious (but we may not always stop to think) that rather than just an airgun making machine; I'm also a husband, father and grandfather. I deal with everything that comes up as best I can. Being human, I get worn down too, but try to bounce back as quickly as possible.

When a website and business has been structured to be as inclusive and transparent as mine has, it's necessary to explain. I wish interruptions in the production flow didn't stack into a cascade effect, but that's often what the weeks bring.

After SS4 with it's prep - travel - and clean-up, our brief vacation, family duties, unavoidable shop maintenance, a wedding - it's set-up and aftermath, and this family tragedy, it's clear that we've been through another of these long cascade effects. I apologize for all those waiting.

I'm off to the shop. We'll make some steel chips.

And, the sun is finally shining after weeks of dreary cold, rainy, foggy weather. It's great to see the sun.



Wednesday morning 10-27-04

Our daughter and her family landed from Idaho about midnight. We're in the midst of that "who's where now?" ... "who's phone is that ringing?" ... babies getting bathed in the kitchen sink ... don't turn around quickly 'cause there's probably a toddler behind you ... somebody take the dog out ... the van is gone ... Oh, I loaned it to ....

Thanks for your continued e-mails. I do very much appreciate them. I've been around two groups of people in the last couple of days. At the wedding and at the hospital. As always, 10-20% of them were coughing and sneezing. And, as always, I developed the obligatory head and chest cold last night.

It's nice to feel the readers here are friends. I hear SS4 is still being held up on the forums as the ultimate example of greed and corruption in the world today. It evidently made the UN "Oil for Food" program look like a Scout bake sale by comparison. Golly, some day I'll need to count those bales of hundred dollar bills from SS. I just fork lifted them out of the trailer and pushed them up against the shop wall ... ;?)

I've once again marveled at the difference between how we speak of life and how we live life. We speak of "Good Day ... Bad Day". My reality has always been that they occupy the same space and time. The events which make up both, are happening around us simultaneously. With e-mail and cell phones, you can't even separate out the difference between your current location and what you are currently aware of. It's all there, all the time. Even an event like SS4, which could have been such a great time, was pure enjoyment and pure stress at exactly the same moment - due to just a few hecklers. The wedding and reception was badly marred by one accident. Enjoyable memories seem much like simple good folk ... you don't hear much from them - they appear, do their duty, and fade back into the landscape. It's the lousy memories that continue to throw stones at you even after you've driven away.

So, a fella must find a solution. As I've written above, for me, it doesn't seem to have much to do with "place", "time", or "event". I'm a bit too aware of my circumstance. I believe it may be within simple multi-task rituals that some renewal can be found. That's if you can shut out as much input as possible and boil the water, find the tea bags, choose a mug, spoon the sugar ... etc. ;?) Hey - maybe that includes; size some slugs, gather a few shooting bags, top off an air tank ... ;?)


Tuesday morning 10-26-04

Good morning and thank you for your many e-mails of support, prayers, and thoughts. It's very kind of you. Our children have been hit the worse here. Just to clarify, this young man was our children's step brother. Kelly brought three children to our marriage. I also had two daughters. This young man lived in the home of Kelly's children's natural father. Our children shared growing up with this young man. As with many families today, there was the scheduling of our kids between their parent's homes. With their Mother on Friday and their Father Saturday, etc. The kids, thus; end up with multiple homes and the family of children, brothers, and sisters, are not clearly defined simply by the days of the week.

With all our efforts, the kids had the opportunity and grew extremely close. Our children are between 24-30 now. This 19 year old young man was their baby brother. It's hit them pretty hard, but they have made me proud with their maturity and outlook.

This morning, there are quite a few people sharing the gifts of organs donated by this young man. That answers the prayers of those who love those who have received. We'll have a funeral this week. And we go on.

The business has continued as well. For part of the day yesterday, I worked on one of the 100 fpe Ranger Delta 32's on order. This will be a nice pc. Shrouded, it will be very quiet. Even more so than the 200 fpe shrouded magnum version. We shot one of those quite a bit at SS4 and everyone remarked upon how quiet it was for a magnum - this one should be almost silent. It carries the larger air reservoir as well, so there will be many shots available.

The pump 45 will be coming along. As will the Bison and Tundra. As you can see, we never know just what's lies within the next page of the calendar. The country's been attacked, we've gone to two wars, we've had personal tragedy and we've dealt with quite a few things that I have not shared on these pages. The shop is open and the business is healthy. Sorry many of you could not attend SS4 - it was quite an uplift for those customers who attended. To a man and woman, they all told me that seeing the work and shooting it was several levels above what they've enjoyed here on the site.

Thank you once again. God Bless,


Sunday Evening...

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. Kelly alternated watching one, then two, then switched off to a third of our grandchildren all day. I never went to breakfast with them - just drove down to Baltimore to Shock Trauma. Somehow, I got both into and out of the city. I just got home about 7:30 pm or so.

Our young man will be forever 19 years of age. His family are making arrangements to bless others in need whom the young man can help as an organ donor. Vast numbers of people were in and out all day. They lined the hallways ... waiting. Tests were run around noon. We waited all day for results which were finally just understood - rather than spoken. They were searching for brain activity and blood flow there. In a situation like this, there becomes a razor edge between what is considered to be technically "life", and what defines crossing into that area where life has ceased.

It was almost surreal being in that place today. As we'd wait and share in the hallway, occasionally a cubical robot unit would exit an elevator, make it's way around the halls, past the people, navigate obstacles, open doors, and proceed on with it's duties. It would return later, call for the elevator, and leave for awhile. The children were wild about it.

Walking downstairs once, we stood in an approx. 10 story atrium, looked up through the glass roof and watched the jet turbine Medavac helicopter take off and pull away. Every person you saw had a cell phone in usage. Looking down a vast hallway, I saw a unit briskly approaching. The single occupant was an entirely shapeless person encased in and controlling this personal conveyance. They smiled and passed. I felt like I was on the set of a sci-fi movie until we came back to the area where the best mankind had to give was trying to decide the exact line between life and death.

Please continue to remember the family. Our daughter (the one expecting triplets) is making arrangements to fly in from Idaho to Maryland. There will be duties and the desire to comfort the family.

Life will go on. Today, the children chased the robot laughing. Other children played basketball in a small gym at the end of one hallway. Old folks waited patiently, and scores upon scores of late teen and early twenty somethings grew up very quickly today. Folks praying for viable organs for their loved one's needs will have their prayers answered. From the passing of life, life will be sustained. A Honeymoon has begun. I can hear my grandson giggling in the family room.

I'm going to make a cup of coffee. Thank you for your friendship.




Sunday Morning .... 10-24-04

I generally share with you the enjoyable parts of the trade. I appreciate you reading the site and hope it's mostly entertaining to you. I lace in our personal news as I don't produce my work in a vacuum and events, good or bad, effect my output.

My daughter was married yesterday. We served the rehearsal dinner here at our home Fri. evening. Taking the dinner and the wedding strictly by themselves, it all went well and was a beautiful and joyous occasion. Even the weather co-operated with a beautiful day for the evening outdoor wedding. However; in reality, the events were intertwined with a tragic event which overshadowed everything.

My wife and I raised our combined families of five children. She brought her own three children to the marriage. This means, like many families today ... we have an extended family with whom all occasions are shared. My two step-sons and one step-daughter have their own step brother. This brother was critically injured Fri. evening and has been in Baltimore, Md. at the "shock-trauma" care unit since.

You'll recall that all of our children are grown. Three of them serve in the USAF. These three are married and all have children of their own. They are stationed here and there as per their USAF duties. Because of this, those attending the wedding had to come home to do so.

As the rehearsal dinner began Friday evening, the door opened to our very distraught Son and his family. We learned of the tragic accident of his step-brother. Since that time, life has been a blur of phone calls, updates, duties, wedding preparation, prayer, nerves, the dread of the sound of cell phones, the joy of happy beginnings, and the reality of progressively worsening updates.

The finest care, the most dramatic procedures, and emergency surgeries have been unable to reverse the decline of this young 19 year old man's condition. He has been given less than a 1% chance of surviving.

Please join us in praying for this young man and all who care for him.


Homestead Friends:

We're all fairly numb around here. Our kids attended their sister's wedding and left early to go to the hospital. We've tried to think of something to say where there is nothing. We've tried to comfort children without actually filling their head with lies.

Jennifer and Tony (aware of only earlier guarded projections) have flown off on their Honeymoon. We were sitting at home looking at wedding pictures on the computer last night when the phone rang with the worst of projections and decline.

We're watching one of our grand-daughters. We're going to take her out for some breakfast.

More later.




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