On 12/22/07, I closed the ledger to new orders. It was closed for just a few days short of two years. On Dec. 14th, 2009, I briefly reopened the ledger, for orders on the 46 caliber Gray Fox PCP. This season of ordering, is now closed (January 5th, 2010). In these last three weeks, I've taken all the orders that I care to commit to, at this time. I sincerely thank all of you who have placed orders. Certainly, the couple of people with whom I am still discussing details, are included.


Welcome to Barnes Pneumatic

Everything you see here, has been built by Gary L. Barnes. Each pc. is powered by compressed air. They are not firearms, nor are they weapons.

All artwork seen on the pcs., has been completed by Mr. Barnes; alone.

A member of the Rendezvous Class; this is the "46 caliber Gray Fox"

It's shown here with several options. It's available as a base model as well. Magnum version will shoot 3 shots. Prime will be the 290 grain Barnes Bishop slug - approx. 814 fps for 427 foot pounds. There's a 216.2 grain Hornet slug, that shoots 900 fps. The Magnum rifle shoots approx. 500 foot pounds of muzzle energy with 400+ grain Barnes slugs.

I'll have to explain it somewhat backwards, since I've only made more dressed versions to date.


I don't have any here now, so; I can't weigh one ... but, with the lighter weight straight grain woods, I'd say they are about 7 to 8 pounds. I believe the ones in the field are about 48" long. I'll have to check on that. You might wonder why I don't just have these figures on the tip of my tongue. Well, silly me ... I've just always made the guns to be what they need to be, and not concentrated so much on weighing them at the end. But, I'll find out.

This one had some line engraving, and relief carved butt stock in oak leaves and acorns. The wrap around carving on the wrist area of the gun, adds approx. ($850). The line engraving added approx. ($600). This rifle has polished billet with a lamb's tongue finger bow. That added about ($150). The rifle has a higher gloss bluing than the base model's brushed finish (approx. $100.) Figured Mahogany adds about $450 over the standard straight grained wood. Two stage trigger on this design ($95) over the standard single stage. Magnum power ($450 puts the magnum gun to 500 foot pounds of muzzle energy). Base model will run approx. 350 foot pounds of muzzle energy, and get a couple of more shots per fill. This one has a solid brass front barrel ring and reservoir ring (approx. $75). Five coat stock oil finish (plus $75) over the standard 3 coats. (The Options on this rifle add up to $2,845us).


Close up of the deep relief carving.


So: The Base model includes:

Barnes Quality throughout .................................................. Included

Approx. 350 fpe in 46 caliber (slugs to .465" explained below) .......................... Included

Torque Converter Ball Bearing main spring guide set ................ Included

Single stage smooth hunting trigger ............................... Included

Straight grain Walnut or Mahogany (lighter weight - darkens with age) .......... Included

Brushed steel finish (hot salt blued) ...................... Included

Brushed finish on billet parts .................................. Included

Billet aluminum front barrel ring ............................ Included

3 coat Stock Oil finish ........................... Included

Sliding Safety Breech ................................... Included

Base model will get about 5 shots per fill. There are several Barnes slug designs which will do well in the gun. I do not make the guns to take inexpensive box ammo. That's fine with most - annoying to many. Here's the logic: I went to alot of trouble to make these guns. The ammo is as important to accuracy as the barrel is. They must be a perfect match. If cheap box ammo will fit, it will be tried. And, it will be the wrong alloy - and most likely the wrong shape. Most likely it will be a slab sided pistol bullet, and may fit too tight. When there are "issues" with the fit or accuracy ... it will be blamed on the gun ... rather than on the cheap ammo. Nobody buys a $5k air gun to save money. Shoot what it was designed to shoot. You don't put cheap snow tires on a Corvette, and then gripe because it won't corner. `;?)

Base Cost: $4,975 US

Sure - I could make you a shorter Carbine version. Same price. It will also rob some power and the number of shots - but would still be a very fine rifle. Remember this though: when men actually carried guns daily, to hunt for food ... they carried a flintlock Kentucky or Penn. long rifle. The idea that we "can't" get thru the woods with a long gun, is a modern idea, born from magazine articles. ;?)

I'll show you a few more options, that would fit, and be appropriate on the Gray Fox ... they are shown on other members of the Rendezvous Class ... but those models are not currently available for order. I'm just showing you the optional features, which may be purchased for application on the Gray Fox 46.

Full Coverage deep relief carving of the stocks. Both sides, and bottom of the fore grip. Wrist area wrap around. Both sides of the Butt stock shoulder area.


Close-Up: For Full Coverage relief carving of the stocks: $2,600US


If you still want more ......

If you still want more: Consider a relief carved full panel butt stock. This Grizzly appears on this near side of the stock. The cost for such an panel of deep relief theme carving, is $2,750US


Shown here, is a full panel "Caribou" .... The cost for such an panel of deep relief theme carving, is $2,750US


Here's the shipping policy. Everybody will want a different kind of case. You buy the new "suitable quality" case (from anyone - I don't sell them). You can have that new case "Drop Shipped" to me here. In that way, it will save shipping twice. It will also come to me inside a heavy cardboard sleeve (to mask the content better, and ease return shipping prep). The cost of shipping the gun (in the case) back to you (and the insurance cost) will be yours. In this way, I'm not wasting my time building wooden cases that most people toss out once they get their new rifle case. In this way, I'm not trying to "shop around" for a rifle case that you will like. I think this will work.

Now: the biggest concern .... the estimated time of the project. Honestly, I'm still working to finish up the ledger from a few years back. I ceased accepting orders just about 2 years ago. I've worked on that backlog during the time since. I also have had some "annoying" health issues. They are not life threatening, nor are they the sort of thing that will shut me down here. They are chronic pain issues, from a bunch of bad back discs. They are pain issues from over active nerve tissue (the condition is called Fibromyalgia). Thing is, I take treatments, and injections ... and there are good months and not as good months. It's enough so that I can't just plan out my time as I once did. I'm not sure how much production a particular month will yield. I'm programmed to work ... usually at least 6 days a week. It's just a manner of how many hours I achieve on any given day. The health issues showed up about 7-8 years ago. I've fought to diagnose, treat, and control the health maintenance program. I ceased accepting orders two years ago, because I didn't know how long it was gonna take to get on top of this. Seems we have a system that works, and I understand what I can, and cannot do. I feel I can open the ledger for a season now.

Here's the best I can do. What I've offered my customers, since the beginning, was a method for them to easily pay for this quality of fine art. That's the Barnes Ledger System. The program has helped alot of folks pay for their guns, through this Barnes system. The deal is "no interest". Approx. 10% down. The balance of the targeted project cost, to be divided into 36 monthly payments. This assumes that the gun completion, and the payment completion, will work out about the same time. I tell you honestly; I've missed the delivery dates by a wide margin, on quite a few of the guns. The reason has been, the onset of the above mentioned health issues, the diagnosis, early tests, several surgeries, recovery, and the development of the current health maintenance program which has stabilized the issues. I know, I know ... I'd rather be younger and not hurt. haha. ;?) As a side note: about one half of my clients are doctors. ;?) They've taken good care of me, and most have a couple of my guns, and have ordered a couple more. Apparently, they don't think I'm a basket case ... haha ;?)

The "Catch" to the whole thing is the question that only you can answer. Do you want one of my rifles? If so, the things I've outlined are the issues for you to consider. I can't make myself younger (I'm 55) ... can't go back and "undamage" my back, etc. So; if you like my work, and like the payment system, then you need to have a sense of humor and patience regarding the exact delivery date. I won't lie to you, and project anything that I do not know, for certain, that I can do for you. I believe you will find that my work is unique. I've made it nearly painless to acquire with the "Ledger System". You will absolutely know your fixed expense, and that never changes. It's the final delivery, after the ledger has run it's course, that I'll strive to do my best on. Over the past two years, since I ceased accepting orders, I've had endless mails asking when I'd accept orders again. So; for the time being, I'll open a season of accepting orders. I'll close that season, at an unknown time, unannounced, when I feel I've accepted all the work I care to commit to.

The new part of my business system, is this "single model" offer. I will absolutely be able to make the base parts, in multiples. In the past, I accepted orders for a vast number of totally different models. I wanted to learn. I wanted to show the variety of models that seemed valid to me. What I've done here, is to offer the most popular, most classic design, most current application of all I've learned .... and do so in a manner where I can make multiple copies ... and still allow you to custom tailor the final product with the wide offering of options listed above. The sort of orders placed, will greatly alter when I close the season of ordering. If people order base units, it will be longer. If people order loaded models, it will be shorter. I have no way of guessing - and won't try.

If you care to discuss things farther: Please e-mail (I don't do the telephone, since I find it to be the biggest time waster ever invented). I answer my e-mail promptly, and completely. Believe me - it's the best system for an artist doing all of this work himself.

Here's the e-mail link. Thanks very much. Gary

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