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Now, when ordinary just won't do - you might try something like this . . .

James Hahn's Barnes .452 Nebula Class. James has enjoyed his rifle for a couple of years now.


James has been customizing his Nebula to suit is tastes. So far - so good James. Looks great.


James Hahn's Nebula Test Results

Here's three shots @ 75 yards. James was firing his 155 grain slug @ 800 fps here. (Sticky targets peeled off backer and stuck on paper for mailing)

How'd you like to duplicate this James Hahn 90 yard target? That's six shots James reports. Very fine shooting.

You see here part of the equation for accuracy. That's some nicely cut rifling on that recovered slug. Barnes handcrafted barrels ride atop Barnes Big bore pcp rifles.



Here's some ballistic information James provided in a recent e-mail:

Copy . . .

Just to give you an idea of the ballistic capabilities, I have compiled a
list of penetrations at different distances. I shoot at 20 gauge steel
barrels as a backstop and these are the results.

50yds.--through 1 steel drum and through 1 side of another.
100yds.-- through 1 steel drum
150yds.-- through 1 side of a steel drum

These are shot with a 155gn. pellet. I don't know
about the rest of the world but that is pretty potent for an air gun in my

James Hahn

End Copy . . .

Interesting - that's a soft lead bullet and a steel drum.

James had his 45 Nebula running @ about 220 ft lbs. with this weight slug for his recent testing. With a different slug, James can develop about 275 ft. lbs.


We'll post additional results when they come in . . .


James has been waiting patiently for his newest Barnes PCP. During 2001. James' new rifle will have twice the energy on tap. We know he's a good shot. We'll keep watching his targets.


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