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Jay's 32SS

I recieved this fine pic this evening from a customer. Jay's stainless scope and rings arrived to compliment his Victory 32 SS (stainless on stainless) carbine.

Having been on the ledger for some time, and wanting to attend the Erwin Cup, Jay opted to take advantage of the fact that I was preparing several actions for the Cup Shoot. He saw his primary usage for hunting (as a carbine) and so we made him the "C" class stock shown in bright Mahogany.

For the Erwin Cup, this action was in a laminated pistol stock and all the shooters shared it in rotation.

Jay sent this copy with the pic, and I appreciate it very much: Copied with his permission ...


Barnes One-Off Victory .32SS Custom Airgun - $3900.00
Travel Expenses For a Weekend at the Erwin Cup - $195.00
Swift Silver 4x12x40 AO Scope - $135.00
Simmons 4x32 Diamond Shotgun Scope - $72.00
B-Square Scope Rings - $40.00
Straight Shooters SCUBA Charging Yoke
and Foster Connector- $155.00
Gun Case - $30.00
15 Pounds of .320" Hornady Buckshot - $35.00
Lucky Red Shop Towels ;) - $4.50
1 Gallon 3-N-1 Oil ;) - $25.00
Antidote for Shoney's Overdose ;) - $3.75

Meeting, associating and befriending a small yet dedicated group of people with
a common interest in the work produced by Gary Barnes - PRICELESS!

Being able to pet Bob's "face eating" dog Vail without a second thought

Being allowed to shoot Barnes' guns in Bob's wonderland of reactive targets (Thanks a million Bob) - PRICELESS!

Watching Gary tweak his guns while being heckled by Kent, Bob and I - HAD TO BE

Shooting the "HOSS" (Thanks Julio!) - PRICELESS!

To be able to watch Gary adjust the trigger on your gun and hear him say "Oh
yeah, that's sweet" - PRICELESS!

Hitting the 3rd coyote - LUCKY, YET PRICELESS!

Having a one on one conversation with Gary - PRICELESS!

Goodbye hug from Kelly - PRICELESS!

Learning that you should make sure to put shoes on your pet turtle before allowing
a small child to play with it - PRICELESS!

I could go on and on. However, I think you get the point:

The best things in life are free (PRICELESS). Unfortunately, the rest you have to
pay for. ;) God bless you all.




Being able to draw a living from making things folks enjoy, and meeting fine people, such as Jay here, in the process ... PRICELESS

Thanks Jay,