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A Barnes Custom Barlow Pocketknife

Deep Relief Carving

This picture (above) is approx. actual size.


Approx. 4X actual area





Acorns and Oak Leaves

(Approx. 4X actual area)


The pictures above are of a barlow folding knife I recently made from scratch. Those long bolsters were an irresistible "blank canvas" ... I decided to carve them in Oak Leaves and Acorns. The close-up pics are way oversized. However; they show you the actual cuts, and the "relief" of the metal removed. The old joke; "just remove everything that doesn't look like ..." applies.

Hope you enjoyed seeing it.


I find it relaxing to do some of this sort of work. Certainly, I have been asked; probably a hundred times thru the years ... "if you have extra energy, why don't you .... "

Well, to cover that base; the answer is that I don't have extra energy. I get tired just like everyone else. This sort of work is completely different. When I'm beat from standing over a milling machine which has been throwing oil and steel chips in my face all day, it's totally different to sit at my engraving bench and carve. When my head cannot calculate one more equation, I can wander thru my magnifying glass and carve.

I do this instead of watching television, which I consider to be the second biggest waste of time (after the telephone). Big difference between "sitting" at a workbench and "standing" at stationary machine tools. Airguns are made 99.95% standing. Good to sit down once in awhile.

With a cup of coffee!