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Machine Lathe

Well ... this doesn't look good ... hummmm

Yes ... I noticed that too ... the entire top end of the lathe is missing. Oh - I remember, it had developed an inaccuracy and required cleaning and adjustment. NOT a simple task.

Here's the headstock - upside down and laying apart from the lathe it goes to. Quite alot of tear down to get the headstock off of a machine lathe.

And here are grimy parts all over the bench, all over the shop nearly. Some of these gears hadn't been off their shafts in probably 40 years. Makes it interesting. Then too ... I've never taken one of these apart either. Have to use common sense and figure it out.

Well, clean, clean ... adjust ... reassemble (sounds simple - doesn't it ;?)

And - guess what? ... no extra left over parts. Runs great.

And the accuracy is restored. That's a length of barrel stock clamped in the tail stock chuck. The left shaft is extended way out from the head stock chuck and is spinning rapidly in the pic. You can see they line up and spin true.

Glad to get that taken care of. Who do I send the bill too? haha.