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Machine Work

On a Tundra Magnum with integral billet steel receiver, I must connect the receiver block itself to the hammer tube of the rifle. This connection must be literally "bullet proof", as enormous stress is developed here with each firing of the rifle.

You see the interface hub starts life as a billet of 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" by 3" solid mass of steel. Band sawed from bar stock.

The billet is first faced each end on the machine lathe, and then bored on the milling machine. The hammer tube will be threaded into this hub.

Back in the machine lathe, I'm using a boring bar to prepare the hole to the exact size for threading.

The hole at the proper diameter, I now use a single point carbide 60 degree tool and chase the interior threads. Maybe 20 or more passes will be required to make a clean proper thread.

The 1" O.D. hammer tube (previously exterior threaded in the lathe) is trail fit into the threaded cavity.

And everything precisely tuned until perfect.

I'll show you more as I complete the part - and show you where it goes. We will remove probably 80% of the original billet material and weight in order to end with the required machined solid steel part.


OK. Who says we're ready for bluing?

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