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***************Man At Work! **************

New stuff for 12-07-01

James' Tundra Magnum 45

Got the first wet coat of oil on ...




It's soakin' in ... Gonna look real fine ...


I've started a new rifle. This is a photo of progress so far. No, I'm not kidding.

Link to Custom Gunsmithing

The Weight-Reduction plan continues . . .

No - not me. Our 9 lb. solid block of steel (photo immediately above) has been the focus of some intense machining operations. It now weighs between 3-4 lbs. Quite a few more operations are still required.


Tactical 32 testing starts in October 2000



This is a Ranger 25 Magnum action which is currently in testing.

It's owner placed his order a few years ago. Very soon now, and for the rest of his life, he'll have a hot pcp varmint rifle which was custom built especially for him.

The "First Fire" celebration is a special event around here.

We'll fit this rifle with my current full barrel shroud moderator. To keep peace with the neighbors, we must avoid supersonic rounds. This action shoots the 20.5 grain Diana Magnum pellet @ 1096 fps - just under supersonic velocity.

The Beeman Kodiak, @ 31.2 grains (weighed), fly @ 977 fps for 66.14 ft. lbs.

Some of this new equipment I've been talking about.

It takes alot of heavy, precise equipment to make a bunch of small parts!


Added 10-20-00

I have a great stock going here for a XXV Magnum - Nice vertical pistol / thumb hole design



How's that for a nice pc. of walnut?

Slow and easy with very sharp tools - that's how to work highly figured woods like this.


Pressure Tube - Preparation for acid etched total coverage detail


Yes, every one of those details is painted on by hand, one at a time!

Added 10-24-00

And, the actual etching. Steel background removed - design stands in relief.

Folks always ask, "How long does it take . . .?"

Well, here's a day's work. A "Billet Construction" stock/reservoir/barrel clamp combination unit.

That's solid aluminum bar 3/4" by 1 1/2". The back of the clamp is a hollow mortise, and mates perfectly to the forestock's tenon extension.


 Link to additional page of parts in progress ... Man at Work 2

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