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More Customer Targets


"Wuddy" has been scrounging through catalogs again. He's come across this limited edition Lyman casting mold in .457 @ 140 grains. Very interesting. Hey - who's been watching who? These are very close to spool slugs I've enjoyed for some years now. They are an excellent design.

They don't shoot too bad either!

That's a ten shot cluster . . . just to see if they'll group. Yeah, I'd say they have . . . potential.

Wuddy's coming to Standing Stone. I'm not worried a bit. No Sir . . .

Here's a recovered heavy slug from Wuddy's Barnes 45 PCP. No, that's a very heavy slug - probably 400+ grains or so.

Keep Testing and sending in your Barnes equipment targets. Others tell me they enjoy seeing them.

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