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Why don't manufacturers ...

Following is a responce I posted recently to a question asked on the net ...

Response to Why don't the manufacturers tune the guns properly?
Some do ... and yes, it makes a heck of a difference in the time devoted to the product. A heck of a difference in the tooling required and the space to perform all the tasks relating to a complete product line.

I'll surely be stoned by some, but there are still a very few who build to a different standard. Sure ... it's ten times the work, and it costs ten times as much. Just running each rifle to the range for a couple of proof sessions takes up days. However; NOT doing that is how we get articles written where the writer takes it upon himself to take the gun apart, hone this, adjust that, repair something else, deburr, recrown, swap parts, shim, etc. Amazing to me, unless people just get a huge kick from using up their range time doing what the builder didn't want to bother to do.

What do I know about it? I opened my business in 1974 and have since built classic furniture, custom knives, and airguns in three main chapters of my business to date. Making the product complete starts with customer relations, current and complete information, tech support, the product itself, all related accessory items, follow-up support, and quite a few things you'd never imagine. 28 years later, I'm still doing it the complete way.

And, it does take ten times as long. And then; when it costs ten times as much for that ten times as long, 60% of the people will be sure you are getting rich. Another group will be extremely pleased that your product performs exactly as you said it would and that they only have to enjoy using it.

Businesses make a choice. If they are sure they have buyers who will immediately disassemble a new product and sand, polish, shim, strop, seal, bevel, lube, adjust, etc.,... then they can have a smaller facility, less equipment, less follow-up, and sell cheap. This does suit most people cause .. "sell cheap" is the greatest draw to the greatest number. Still ... there are other ways too (like a creative payment system which allows folks to buy quality easier than they can buy cheap). To each his own.