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I've been doing some work on stocks. Here's a Victory bias laminated pistol stock being machined for the barrel groove.


Marking the stock for the inletting of the completed action and trigger block.

In addition, you see here all manner of barrels and shrouds in the works for various projects. Each marked with current progress notes on the barrel itself.


Inletting for the action and trigger block. Alot of precise fitting work for a neat job. Alot of set-up time and tool bit changing for various operations.


The action being trial fit and marked for the next operations. The stock is still in the "square" at this point.


The action fully seated, the cocking window milled, trigger slot and finger guard milled, and the action hold down machine screw installed. Profile lines scored on the stock.


Ahem ... .... sorry .... moving along ....


The stock is profiled to 60 grit. There'll be a ton of sanding now before any finishing oil can go on the stock.


A Ranger Delta Magnum stock is band sawn, planed, and edge milled.

There'll be alot more shavings and dust made shortly. We'll keep track.


Once again into the breech ... the current policy has remained unchanged for some months: "Do everything at once - Get it completed as fast as Barnes quality will allow"

The alternative would be "Do one while letting the others wait - and cut corners". I am sympathetic of everyone who suggests that I'd make a customer happy by picking just one project and working on it alone until it was finished. And, I hope folks are as sympathetic to me when I ask them to look around and: 1) Find any other business that takes in only one job at a time. 2) Works only on that single project (ignoring all other aspects of business) until the UPS truck hauls the project away. 3) Only then ... goes in search of the next project.

As you may recognize, there's not a business on the planet which can do that (and remain in business). The nature of business is juggling infrastructure, clients, projects, materials, technology, research, and resources all at once. If a company has a "Division" for each of these categories, then (within each division, sub division, department, and finally cubical) individuals can possibly focus on one FED EX pick-up at a time. Although, I still doubt it. You'll have to answer for yourself as to if you have more than one thing on your desk at a time.

So - there's some of the projects being moved along down the line by the CEO of Barnes Pneumatic himself. haha ..... ;?)

For more about those barrels ... another page linked here called "That'll Never Work!!"