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Did you ...

... see the "Standing Stone?" We took folks to see it all three days of the festival - right down by the river and wood's walk.


We were really pleased with the grounds. Two 30' by 50' tents welcomed us. All the facilities we could ever ask for.


Room for you and your friends in the shade


Hot grilled food for three days all day long ...


Great conversations and "show and tell times"


Fields of steel reactive targets.


Lots of well dressed folk ...

This is what the well dressed retired Navy fighter pilot was wearing this Fall. ;?)


Standing by for you and your gear ...


Hope you enjoyed the area down by the river - right beside the woods walk games.


I broke away a few times to run folks down there myself. Beautiful and peaceful ...


What a beautiful range. Hope you enjoyed this. Here's just one of the lanes of the Wood's Walk for small and big bore. The targets are there ... you see them?


Here a group plays through the woods walk. The tall fella in the foreground is Kevin. He worked for months to prepare for the Festival. Here, he's acting as Range officer after driving the guys and their equipment down in an ATV truck. I brought Julio down and watched awhile before I had to get back up to the firing line.


Hope you tried your skills on the running targets. Rigged for either small or large bore. There goes one now !!!

That's a thousand dollars in steel cable, clamps, eye bolts, pulleys, and rigging materials for the five runners.


Here Peter is waiting for the running Boar - the 58 Yukon at the ready


Generous folk loaned out their rigs all weekend. Lon waited his turn on my ledger and paid his $5k for a Tricked out, handmade 32 Ranger Magnum. Here, he's loaned Rick the rig to shoot the Big bore camp. Part of what Standing Stone offers. I can't go door to door for folks to see and try my stuff - but at SS, it's all there for whomever wants to try it.


Julio flew in from Puerto Rico. He slid in behind the 58 Yukon and shot this three shot group @75 yards. The black dot is the aim spot. You see his cloverleaf three shots of 450 grain slugs @ about 625 foot pounds of energy.


Hope you tried the Small bore camp. We lost track of how many folks borrowed the Liberty 25 to shoot the game. Here, my wife Kelly enjoys a round of Small bore Camp. And, by Golly, she won the Silver medal!!


A group of the winners. Nice to see all those smiles. What a great time.


Our lodging head quarters. Beautiful rooms and service. The folks really went the extra mile to prepare for us. Hot coffee and hot cookies anytime you wanted. Beautiful indoor pool for your evening enjoyment.

You see that little section of guard rail to the left of my shoulder? Right back that country road about 3 miles was the Festival grounds. Wonderful convenience.

Hope you enjoyed it with us. Hope you enjoyed everything that was built into the Festival.

This is just the start of sharing it all with you. I have discs of pics coming from all over from folks who enjoyed it with us.

Afterwards, Kelly and I drove down to the gulf for awhile. Got back last evening. The shop was left in a mess from countless late night sessions. I have to beat back the jungle around the house. The trailer is still loaded with all the show stuff. Yep ... we're back. And we made some fine memories.

Thanks so much to the Cumberland Valley Sports League. You guys made it happen.