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Pistol Play

Been working very hard. It was a cold December day here. After some chores, I decided to take a break and do some pistol shooting in the shop.

Shooting the Victory 32SS. A 32 Caliber Barnes PCP pistol. I'm shooting 8 shots per fill at around 60 foot pounds of energy. That's off of a 2,400 psi fill.

In the shop I'm shooting 12 yards standing, shooting offhand. Note the five shots circled. The first shots of the session. Then, I regroup - think about my hold, and follow with the green five shot group. Your hold and timing make a difference. The pistol doesn't owe you a good group if you don't do your part.

Tried another group. 5 at 12 yards.

OK ... I was ready to play ...

Nasty variety of rats in the shop ...

Seedy characters everywhere ... (8 shots)

Don't turn your back on them. (8 shots)

They'll try anything ... (8 shots)

Eat you out of house and home ... (8 shots with nice cluster)

It gets crazy in there ... (8 shots - 3,3, and 2)

A nice three shot rat ...

A 2 by 4 mouse clamped in front of the bullet trap ...

He took 8 shots and kept coming ... ;?)

Stacked up pretty nicely ... remember - this is standing offhand with a pistol. And, yes ... there's recoil @ 60 fpe in a pistol.

The back of the mouse. That's 2 by 4 spruce/fir framing lumber.

I like to mix up the fun alittle. The time taken to sketch out a target or set up a block of wood provides a break in the action. You can get real "hot" and forget what you are naturally doing in a particular session. The breaks make me think it through and get alittle more from the session.

Hope you had some fun too. ;?)