Gary's Pistol Practice

For the time being, I have access to a Victory 32SS.

This is a powerful PCP air pistol. Hardly what we've come to know as a 10m target air pistol. No 2-5 fpe. No electric trigger, etc. It's a tool designed to shoot the new games we're developing for big bore pistol. Sort of the pneumatic version of what's called "Field Pistol" in firearms.

Shooting between 60-71 fpe with different loads, it's clear as well, this pistol has the capacity to be useful much beyond the 10 meters I can shoot in the shop.

However; nothing can be accurate at distance without being accurate at 10 meters.

As I shoot some groups throughout the work day, I'll post a of them few here. We'll see if I improve. ;?)

I'm going to post 7 small pics here of targets shot in the same session. "Standing" ... shooting Offhand @ 10 meters. Pistol has a 4X shotgun scope.

Note the odd phenomena I've discussed before. With all the possible "pixels" where each shot could fall ... doesn't it seem odd that so high a percentage of my targets show overlapping or duplicate holes? Hope I'm onto something here. The pistol will do the same thing every time. I'm training myself to do the same. Evidently I often do the same thing ... even when it generates a miss. ;?)

The markers here indicate the touching shots - you can see that. Many other shop targets have shown this - often closer duplicates. I just flag the ones in this session that seem to apply to the discussion we've had on the Homestead pages.

_ _ _ _

_ _

These were shot yesterday. The slug was a Barnes 71 grain WC.

Just a note to state the obvious (but often forgotten) facts. Barnes handmade pistol. Featuring all Barnes components. Barnes barrel. Barnes trigger block. Even shooting a Barnes slug ... Barnes die cherry used to machine the casting mold - Barnes mold - Barnes sizing dies. These are Barnes target holes. We're nothing if not complete. ;?)

Now - remember too. The pistol is amazingly accurate. This page is showing "MY" progress.

I realize I've overlooked detailed pics of the pistol too ... a page to come.