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The Real World

We toss around shooting stories and numbers. Do the images in our head and the real world actually match?

I've been pushing the limits of long range PCP target shooting for years. Some people are getting used to seeing my targets @ 100 yards. When you see the target on your screen, it's a bit different than looking at it from the bench. Take a real look at 100 yards.

Now, that red arrow is pointing to the target. Doesn't look too big from here, does it? Now the kicker ... that's just the backer. It's 2 foot by 4 foot!!!

If we jog on over to within 15 yards of the target, we can see it now. What's that arrow pointing to? Well ... that's the target! You can't even see the thing from 15 yards away!! How are you supposed to shoot something like that? The thing is still small through a 20X scope. The black center of that target is ONLY ONE INCH ACROSS!

So, we'll just build a handmade PCP rifle. Then, we'll shoot handmade slugs through a handmade rifle barrel atop this handmade PCP rifle we build. Yeah ... right.

Or ... maybe we can. But let me tell you ... it's no cake walk.

Take a look again at the top picture of this from the shooting bench. Sort of puts things in perspective ... doesn't it?

How's that look for a 75 yard three shot group?

This is what my rifles are capable of. This is what you pay for. This is why there is a wait.

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Added 9-04-01

Still testing various slugs and various alterations. Had a funny conversation with "Pelletman" by phone today. I was telling him I was trying to dial in the groups at the range and adjust a few of my different designs. We talked about various pellets and which were best. Guess I must have sounded serious or something. He asked, "How bad were they?" I qualified that even the poor ones were still all in a "coffee cup". He sort of chokes and blasts back ... "At 100 yards!?" He'd thought I met they were spraying all over the range!! Ha ha. Guess I need to back up and look at the "Real World" too! I get to concentrating on what I'm doing and I was seeing the third shot of these groups as "Fliers". You know, you watch those two almost touching and ...... He's right.

Take a look at a collection of today's targets where I was trying different things.


Keep in mind the relative size of that black center. You lay an American Quarter on it and you can "just" see a black halo around it.

Wow ... how'd that get in there!!!

I also put out a card of black 1/4" spots for aim point purposes. This was three shots at one. The bottom hole is an almost perfect double with shots 1 and 2. You see the remaining "halo" where shot 3 took out the original 1/4" black aim spot

That's approx. .308"c/c @ 100 yards.

(.500" is 1/2 MOA @ 100 yards)





When the rest of the groups look like these, I think you can agree that the occasional "Trophy Group" is not a fluke.