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The Road to the Shipping Crate runs through the Range ...

I take all of my work to the range and proof it extensively before shipping. In this way, I KNOW that I've shipped a proper rifle.

Following are many of the targets I shot this week in determining the particular slug, slug size, and set-up for the Nitro 2.

I'd made a Hellfire slug mold for this rifle. Oddly, I could not hit the correct size or something and the rifle wouldn't shoot it into cloverleaf groups @50 yards. I moved on to another Barnes Slug.

Early on, the rifle likes the Bishop slug @40 yards. These were some older cast slugs and #2's which had been picked thru before.


And the rifle liked them @50 yards too. But the scope proved to be damaged. After every adjustment, the group would move unpredictably and open up - settling down after a few shots.

I changed out the scope to one of my known shop scopes. That did it. I could move the group wherever I wished predictably. Still had the #2 Bishops here.

Even the #2's fly quite well.


And again ...


You don't cut the same hole accidentally ...

This is a good slug for the rifle.


Now, here's another version of the Bishop - and even more lousy #3 quality slugs.

which still work well.

I decided to make a fresh batch of slugs and return the next day. I decided to also bring the Peppergrinder slug - a 350 grain slug from about five years ago. I'd cast some of those too.

Following morning, I went to the salvage yard (different one from last week where I got the bogus soft lead that gave me trouble). I walked in and asked if they might have soft lead. Yep ... in here. "There's a 125 pound roll of it ... how much do you want?" I look at the mangled mass of sheet lead and say ... "125 pounds". Let's cast!!

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