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Roy, Merle ... and "Baby"

Roy and Merle Gaither (left coast) recently received their Barnes Delta 45 Custom. They said they'd anticipated it so much, made so many preparations, etc., that they decided to name it "Baby!" In fact ... they tell me the most recent gunsafe was delivered, installed, and the workers left about an hour before the "Midwife" from Uncle Sam's Post office delivered the crate! Now ... is that timing .. or pfwhat!?

Above ... Merle seems to have gotten to it before Roy had the chance. He was probably still covered in styrofoam, packing, and crate materials ... ;?)

They have access to an indoor range which they took it to the first available evening. The following day, it was the outdoor range.

Roy claims a good beach towel is one of the secrets of good shooting! He could be right ... they sent targets.

Merle started off @ 50 yards. She shot the cloverleaf ... then dialed in the Point Of Aim for the fourth.

Here's a three shot group from Merle at 50 yards. Very nice...

Roy says they get six prime shots. Here's a group with shots 1,2,and 3 off a fill...

Here's shots 4,5,6 from the same fill.

Shooting the Barnes 237 grain Shrike for approx. 330 fpe.

After settling in (as I say ... this was the first trip to the outdoor range ... ) Roy shot this 50 yard three shot group ... and he made sure to tell me four people were watching!!

In fact ... as I've often heard ... he says plenty of people were watching. Ha ha. Sometimes makes it a challenge to get any shooting done. Don't take one of these rifles to a public range if you don't want alot of attention.

Roy tells me he's got half a garage full of lead waiting to be turned into slugs. That should hold he and Merle for a few days ... ha ha

Link to more pics of Delta 45 Custom