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Of Scopes and Rings

Everybody has their opinion on what they want for a scope and rings. Here's a set-up I like alot.

I took a few moments to put a scope on the Tundra this afternoon. I just ordered some new rings and I'm very pleased with the combination.

The Tundra is available with integral milled Weaver style rails. (Those aren't some aluminum screwed on attachment either ... they are milled from the solid steel billet of the Receiver!) The square billet format of the Tundra receiver makes this possible. It's very nice for a heavy bench rifle.

And, with these new quick disconnect rings, and my big Tasco Side Wheel scope, I have a rig I'm really fond of. (Nice squirrel rifle ... ;?)

Just set it on the rails ...

And thumb down the locks. You can do chin-ups on the scope!

The rings are solid steel and have six Torx machine screws holding the scope securely. The disconnect feature makes it possible to make the rig more compact for travel and/or transport the scope in another case. The cross slots of the Weaver configuration allow you to replace it EXACTLY.


Now ... THAT'S an AIRGUN!!

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