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Post Op Shop Tour

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After my carpal tunnel surgery, I was supposed to be doing little to nothing, while I healed. That lasted a few days. I had to find useful projects which would not damage the goods, but still move the business forward. ;?)

I chose to poke at some organization projects which would put me in better shape when I was able to get back to the normal routine. This is stuff you NEVER have time to do, but which is critical to the smooth operation of each week.

You saw "the wall" that Doc helped me stud out. I know you thought that looked to be light years away from a working shop.

Well, I've kept at it ...

And it's turned all cozy. ;?)

Insulated. Sheathed in 1/2" plywood. Painted. Shelved. Moved in.


I've gone through a couple of wings of the shop. Cleaned and organized. Every bit of this stuff gets used in producing the airguns.


Front left, I've set up a new "build bench". A heavy two tier assembly which can be configured for the task at hand. Straight, square, flat, solid.


I love this wire shelving. Perfect for this. I always sheath in 1/2" or 5/8" plywood so shelving and fixtures can go anywhere ... no need to "find" a stud.


I'll be spending ALOT of time right here. A nice improvement over previous arrangements.


Many machines are on carts in order that they can be moved on and off stage as needed.


Some are "nested" in order to take up the least space. The jointer and shaper (right), are usable as they sit. The table saw (left) is on a cart and is pulled out into the middle of the room for use.

This project concentrated mostly on the woodworking wing of the shop.


Amazing all the "stuff" you need. And this is just two of the small rooms of the shop complex.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the shop. This was a good project to accomplish much needed tasks while I was not up to the delicate and precise build work.

I poked it as I was able. Took a rest as needed. Feeling pretty good now. I've resumed nearly a normal schedule.

Just for perspective though ... please realize that the state of individual project builds on Dec. 6th, is exactly the state of those same projects today - Jan. 6th. The elves did nothing while I was unable to work on the projects.

I'll proceed with everything in as efficient a manner as possible. Please allow me to do just that. I have no special gift for projecting exactly what will take so many hours or what a day will bring. I build to the level of quality which you expect from Barnes Pneumatic.

I watched a few minutes of the bike building guys on TV the other night. As usual, they were beating on parts with a huge hammer, hand grinding on machined parts that didn't fit, egging out holes which didn't align, prying with a six foot steel bar to bend the frame to make a part fit ... (sort of), and hammering machine bolts thru mounting holes. That's exactly the other end of the world from what you get here.