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Justice 87

Shot Shells R us ...


So ... how are you supposed to load a bolt action PCP which was billed as a "Shotgun". Hummmmhh???? Well, ya got me there ... unless ... you'd do it this way...

For starters, I choose some common materials. That's a 3 by 5 index card, some paper towel, and I made a mandrel with a shoulder on it. You'll see why.

I took the two halves of index card and sprayed them with spray glue. there are several types. 3M ... Duro ... they work well ... just come in a spray can like paint. We'll have an overlapped seam ... and the bottom of the shot shell will be crimped. So ... I don't want to glue the materials to the mandrel ... and I want the seam and bottom to be coated. I lay on a trimming of paper towel like this. Just snip up a bunch before you start.

Now ... the paper towel is in ... it won't stick ... just wrap and overlap and stick the seam down. You can place a wadding in the bottom as you wrap it. It's sealed.

Fold over the bottom around the mandrel end.


And you have a properly sized sleeve with a bottom.

tuck that sleeve inside a length of barrel stock or correct size tube.

Push a wadding into the bottom. Fill it up with whatever you want from rice to buckshot. I used 27 #2 buckshot ball ... each 31.75 grains for a total of 857.25 grains. They fit pretty well I'd say.

Trim it off.

Push it up alittle from the bottom ...

Just fold it over and you are done. Get in the flow and make up a few at a time. Hey - it's a hobby - right ... it's supposed to take a few minutes.

There's all the tools and the completed shell.

Load it in the bolt tray. It has enough resistance to stay in place in the chamber.

Seat it and close the bolt.

Hey ... I'm not nearly as dumb as I look. I would not make something I didn't think I could load. ;?)

This works SWEEEEEET....

Let's go hunting.

The velocity will be relative to the load you place in it. You can shoot as fast as you want ... just find the load that suits you. You can load a roll of nickels if you like. ;?) Now THAT would be a REAL man's shot shell! You want to go faster ... shoot a half a roll. haha.