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The Simple Truth of Complexity


Laced all through the site, you'll find explanations of the various segments of this craft. In reality, a great number of common public perceptions are at conflict with other common public perceptions. It's up to me to sort them out during conversations with folks.

Those issues which seem so simple, at face value, may not conclude as quickly and simply as desired. Allow me to illustrate with a couple of examples from our daily experience to hopefully lay an understanding of these "simply complex" topics.

1). You have a necktie with a spot on it. You simply want the spot removed. Nothing fancy. You have ten minutes to drop it at the Dry Cleaners before you blow your commute timing. Next thing you know, you are up to your eyelashes in a discussion about the probability of removing a grease stain from a silk tie.

2). All you want is a simple little cabin by a lake. Nothing fancy. You look around and make your wishes known. You finally find one - it's in Siberia. About 500 miles from the nearest road. The last month has gone by in a blur of Realtors, lakefront property, building codes, community action committees .....

3). When you were in college, your buddy bought a GT500 Mustang. Now you have a few bucks, and you feel real romantic for that bygone era. Maybe you'll pick up a nice clean one. How much can it be? Well, fasten your seat belt. I watched one auctioned off on late night cable last week ... $98K. (It was real clean though).

The reason I have this discussion here, is this: Whatever we can understand by leisure reading here on the site, will allow us to make better decisions when considering one model over another. The classic desires for lighter weight, more power, flatter shooting, more shots per fill, quieter report, better wood, etc., all take what appears to be so simple on the surface, and requires hours of explanations to sort out.

The topic has resurfaced as it applies to the Ranger and Savannah Class of rifles. These are excellent handmade PCP's all. For the build price, I give all I possibly can. There are some features which they do not contain. As I re-introduce these lines, and state their various power brackets, velocities, shots per fill, etc.; they will offer performance levels which are relative to the feature package bundled as listed. I won't be able to pull out one particular item and pump it up separate from the fundamental build design.

Photos/Prices ASAP